Gathering Research Data Essay

The average American views police officers as individuals that have taken an oath and sworn to protect them. These individuals were worn to protect the innocent and do many more services for the communities that the live and work in. It takes a very honest, courageous and exceptional type of person to be a law enforcement officer. These individuals are willing to put their own lives, safety and health on the line to protect those who rely on them every day. In this research paper it will explore and make an effort to make a connection between law enforcement officers, their duties, their responsibilities and their families.The research paper will put forward the principle following the proposed research. The report will explain the discourse pattern it will use as well as the facts to some the questions that will also be used. The report will provide identifiable advantages of the qualitative data gathering strategy, such as participant observation, over other qualitative avenues.

It is a general belief that most law enforcement officers choice their professional path because of family members in the same occupation or even that it is family wishes.In a family that has one or more than one law enforcement officer other family members tend to follow their footsteps and become law enforcement officers also. It is a customary that officers are not just selected but rather they are gifted and expected to be officers by family. This field would be an appropriate subject for study and research. To find out whom among law enforcement officer that are serving now have other members of their family that now or have been law enforcement officer also. A survey of a local sheriff’s department could help with the research as well as interviewing law enforcement officers via internet, phone or text.Reason for Questioning The first set of questions that will be asked will try to answer why the individual select the field of law enforcement over other career fields.

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A research has already reported that some police officers prefer to become officers for the reason of a law enforcement connection within their family or due to a family practice. It may seem an easy line of questioning but an individual with certain family values and an individuals need to make ones parents proud by following in their footsteps shows an enormous desire to be involved in the field of law enforcement.Some individuals might think that if they do not pursue a career in law enforcement that other family members might feel less of them because of it. It is very similar to farming families as one generation get older the other generation comes up and takes over the farm because that is what they were raised to do. Other reasons that an individual might choice the field is because they feel they must achieve justice for a crime that has been committed to themselves or an individual that is close to them. It is not an action of vendetta but more of an action that creates security for the individual and his or her family.Individuals that do pursue an occupation in law enforcement because of a dreadful event that occurred to them or a loved one might be doing it for the wrong reasons and persuading those individuals who commit those crimes is a relentless concern.

Questions Here is a list of question that will be used in the interview proses of this report. The interviewee can be any individual in law enforcement as long as they are officers. The first set of question is very simple inquiries that will provide facts and information that is informative. 1.Why did you prefer to become a law enforcement officer? 2. What career do you think you would have selected provided you had not been a law enforcement officer? 3. What particular parts of you job do you find the most pleasurable? 4.

In your job what is it that you consider to be the most demanding? 5. Being in law enforcement can be very dangerous. What is the most terrifying thing that comes with being a law enforcement officer? 6.

What type of school did you receive before becoming a law enforcement officer? 7. Have you received any more education since? . If your father, older brother or any other family member had not been law enforcement officer do you believe that you would still have chosen to become one yourself? Depending on the answers to this question one could determine whether or not if the individual was influenced by his or her family member.

Advantages of Qualitative Data Gathering As regards to the characteristics of qualitative research versus quantitative research is that qualitative establish a hypothesis and quantitative test the hypotheses (Hagan, 2013).Qualitative research lacks in the proper data that is easily obtained by people who seem to be at the hypothesis from a separate point of view. Qualitative research depends on the following methods: relating to how the information is achieved, participant observation, non-participant observation, ground work reports, impulsive journals, planned interviews, semi planned interviews, spontaneous interviews, and an examination of the data and documents gathered (Hagan, 2013).

In the criminal justice field this method of working over material collected seems to be the method employed.Consent and Confidentiality In the criminal justice field secrecy is something that is almost valued. It is also valued in doing research. Individuals in research have recognized the importance of the responsibilities researches must give to those participating in the research.

Those who chose to help in the research or those who chose to be involved should volunteer freely. The researcher should make sure that they fully explain what the research is for, what it entails as well as how it will be viewed.The participants should also understand that they can leave at any time and their right to refuse to participate. Conclusion In conclusion most officers know why they had chosen to be law enforcement officers. Whether it was the influence of family members, a traumatic event, or the feeling of duty the decision to be a law enforcement officer is a trying one.

The occupation is stressful and can be very dangerous but we hope that those who chose to protect us have chosen to do so correctly and honestly.ReferencesHagan, F. E. (2010). Research methods in criminal justice and criminology (8th ed.).

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