Gc Services from Garnishing Your Wages and Bank Account Essay

How to stop When you are in a situation, where in you are still not be able to / not willing to pay the debt you owe. The creditor has ever right to sue you by filing a case against you in the court. If the judgment comes against you, then Creditor may request the court to pass a writ of garnishment against you to get the money back from my bank account and wages. The papers are sent to my employer in case of wage garnishment and to my bank in case of bank account garnishment.

Though in the real picture not every credit card company would like to file a garnishment against you, it’s the GC services who try to force and get things done in the name of the credit card company. So it is very important that people get to have some knowledge on How to stop GC services from garnishing your wages and bank account. The first and foremost thing one has to do to avoid being subject to garnishing is – respond to their calls.

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Whenever there is debtor who has some unpaid debts against his name, the GC services try to reach them and check on what is happening. They get really annoyed when they find you not answering calls at all, after all it was you who spent all the money and are answerable for the same. So answering their calls will help you understand the various available options to repay your dues in a more effective manner. The next option one can try is to contact the credit card company directly and talk about your repayment options.

This way you tend to skip the in between mediator – the GC services, the main advantage of doing this is that, there is every possible chance of you getting more discount on the agreed amount that has to paid to clear out of your debts. This option of going in for a settlement is more suitable if you have a lump sum amount in hand; as this would guarantee you that you come out of this situation of yours in a very short time. Alternatively, you can also talk to the GC services and try to plan for a more convenient repayment method.

Remember one thing that these firms are here to get the money from you and give the same back to the credit card companies, so they will look out for ways to get it done without much problem. The above options would help you from getting garnished and leading a much more peaceful life. *http://www. cccsoc. org/pages/garnish/garnish_02. phtml * http://www. cccsoc. org/pages/garnish/garnish_03. phtml *http://www. cccsoc. org/pages/garnish/garnish_01. phtml