Gemstones: Rubies Essay

PRECIOUS NATURAL STONES: RUBIES: Gemstones composed of corundum, chromium bonded with aluminum oxide.

Corundum is a very hard mineral (hardness 9); only diamond is harder. Corundum is called ruby or sapphire, depending on the color (which depends on which metallic oxides are present). In its rare pure form, corundum is colorless and called white sapphire. Rubies contain chromic oxide, blue sapphires contain titanium, yellow sapphires contain ferric oxide. Other impure forms are opaque. Corundum stones can produce beautiful asterisms.

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The word corundum comes from the Tamil word for ruby. Corundum has a specific gravity of 3. 96-4. 01 Corundum comes in a variety of colors, but when it is red, it is always a ruby. Blue or pink varieties of corundum are always referred to as sapphires, though some disputes exist about whether pink sapphire is merely a lighter colored ruby. Most rubies are mined in Myanmar, formerly Burma, and other parts of Asia and AfricaNext to diamonds, FAMILY OF STONES AND SUBSTANCE IT IS MADE FROM: Rubies are precious stones and a member of the corundum family (Al2O3).Rubies range in color from the classic deep red to pink to purple to brown. Rubies are extremely hard; only diamonds are harder.

During the renaissance, people thought that rubies could counteract poison. in the 1980‘s Laboratory-produced rubies were created: they are difficult to distinguish from natural rubies. VARIOUS TYPES OF FACETED CUTS: RUBIES IDENTIFIES THROUGH COLOR, SHAPE, & HARDNESS [in natural state] ACCORDING TO MOHS SCALE OF HARDNESS: Ruby has a natural hardness of 9 Mohs followed by diamond having 10 on scale.This glinting stone has a tremendous trait of light absorption. crimson-hued mineral is a multi-faceted, legendary stone. There are several mythological scripts found related to it.

This fiery stone has its name recorded in oldest manuscripts and civilizations all over the world. hardness of 9 and a specific gravity of 3. 9 – 4. 1. Rubies are found in Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, India, Myanmar (Burma), Malagasy Republic, Malawi, Pakistan, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Tanzania, Thailand, United States (Montana and North Carolina), and Zimbabwe (Rhodesia).

ubies are the hardest gems, with a 9 rating on the Mohs scale. Their hardness makes them ideal for jewelry of all kinds, because one does not have to be especially careful when wearing them. Shade of red varies, but the most desirable rubies are deep red, sometimes called pigeon’s blood. Lighter variations can make for lovely stones and are less expensive.

warmth radiating precious colored stone also fancies awe-inspiring inclusions like rutile inside the stone. Therefore, the star like shine comes from the same formation.