Gender Sexuality Essay

Gender SexualityIn our modern world women gained more freedom and now they are almost equal to men. This is a result of the long struggle of feminists, who tried to gain the rights for women.

But nevertheless women still suffer offends from men. Annually a lot of women are killed by men; many suffer humiliations, treated as slaves.  Unfortunately, men found the perfect excuse: women are guilty of which themselves, because they. Here is a range of reasons all of which finally lead to the one common: because they are women. It is a matter of fact that males and females are rather different, that’s why they have different vision and different perception of the world. They are brought up with different attitude to sexual behavior. For example, males perceive females in a different way as females do. All these differences are conditioned by nature, its laws and actually by different upbringing.

Discontent of females leads sometimes to such phenomenon as feminism(Canary 1998).This phenomenon isn’t natural, because males and females should live in concordance with each other; they are like constituents of the one whole. Their mutual relations are based on the nature laws. Women differ from men because of their biology, particularly secondary sex characteristics and reproductive systems. Males and females have different vision of sexual relations because of different upbringing. Most of the girls were brought up with the though that it is awful to think about such dirty things as sex and men. It is a mistake of mothers. Women should be aware from their young age about such relations in order not to make mistakes in the future(Carroll 1985).

And men are usually brought up the thought that they are conquerors and “hunters”, as it was mentioned by some scientists. Their aim is to conquer women and to become a master. Such behavior is conditioned by ancient primitive people. And some of these traits are preserved in most men; they influence their behavior in subconscious level and define their attitude toward females.Nowadays the relations between men and women are shaped in different way.

They have been completely changed. The brain of women would like another treatment, other interests and another problems concerning man. But the brain of males is still the same: carrier, carrier and once more carrier. Some men treat women as they are not personalities. And these facts led to appearing of such phenomenon as feminism(Canary 1985). The nature proved that males and females are different: they have different social roles, sexual behavior, and different vision of personal relations. Women strive to have family, children.

Most men strive to have sex. Sometimes it is hard for men to understand women, their thoughts and desires and vise verse. This leads to a great number of conflicts and misunderstandings, which are natural.Women’s nature is fundamentally one of sexual victim. Women are determined in terms of their sexual accessibility and position. Similarly the essence of being a man is being a sexual objectifier. A number of studies represents that men are more interested sexuality (especially physical) than women are. Males always concentrate on the importance of sexual pleasure in love.

Females in most cases don’t like to be involved in sexual relations without emotions and feelings(Carroll 1985). Males try to have more sexual interest and they are more faced with casual sexual relations.Scientists assumed that there are biological and social reasons which led to differences in sexual behavior, development and interest. And social and biological analyzing clarify that these differences are natural and common. Males and females, on the one hand, are considered to be opposite sexes and this oppositeness is explained by differences in the form and functioning of them. On the other hand, men and women are considered to be the similar sexes, excluding minor differences caused by different cultural and social factors.Biologists state that many scientists try to struggle with differences among men and women in their approaches to sex and they try to find out the scientific reasons of these differences. It was also mentioned that these sexual differences are hidden in the evolutionary past.

Sexual development of young people and gender differences deal with parental attitude to these problems, especially the problem of offspring production. Sociobiology shows that reproductive strategy of men is actually to have sexual relations with many women, even without consent. Janice Baldwin (1997) mentioned that “if one assumes that behavior is in large part genetically determined–as sociobiologists do–male interest in sex and promiscuity may already seem adequately explained, as might the female tendency to be selective and choosey”.The most significant problem is concerned with adolescent sexuality and the different thinking among young boys and girls. Sexual education is a necessary subject for young people in order to avoid mistakes in future life. And the greatest problem which leads to embarrassment is puberty. It is known that hormonal changes lead to biological changes and they influence sexual development.

It is also a common knowledge that the girls’ puberty is two years earlier than boys’.  And girls’ development is connected with breast development and growth of pubic hair. The boys’ development is concerned with genital size and also growth of pubic hair.But boys notice the changes in excitability (sexual) earlier than girls do – two or three years earlier. And they boys try to find out what sexual pleasure is. That is the main difference in this age conditioned by biological and social factors.

The biologists determine that the first boys’ sexual arousal is in the age of 10-12 years. Girls are told to have the first sexual arousal at around 12-15 years. Boys have sexual arousals several times per day, whereas girls approximately once a week. The boys’ sexual arousal is more disturbing and intense than girls’ is.It is necessary to point the main causes of sexual differences in adolescence.

The main reason is hormone changes and testosterone is connected with sexual interest in women and men. No neural structure is linked to differences in sexual behavior. It was also mentioned that brain influences sexual interest.

A correlation is seen between sexual arousal and hormone changes. Baldwin (1997) mentions “that neurophysiologic mechanisms directly cause the traditional female-male behavioral differences without the intervention of learning, cognition, or culture”.Young girls notice less and learn less about the biological signs of sexual arousal, whereas boys are likely to learn more and they are interested in these signs. Most girls don’t even realize sometimes that they have sexual arousal, while boys are always aware of their arousal. It is easier for boys to notice sexual arousal and buys get to known about genitals as a source of pleasure. That’s why they are interested in sexual relations earlier than girls.One more reason of sexual differences among males and females is parent’s attitude and behavior. Well-educated parents should talk with their adolescent children about sexuality.

And these “sexual” talks are different among the parents-son and parent-daughter. Boys mostly don’t like to get information about sexuality from their parents and they don’t want to discuss these problems with them. Parents spend too little time to talk with boys about responsibility in case of girl’s pregnancy(Baldwin 1997).Though parents don’t strive to talk with their daughters about contraception and adolescent pregnancy, because they think that their daughters are still young and they shouldn’t bother with such information.

The girls get more information about boys’ responsibility and morality in case of pregnancy than boys. Girls are brought up with the thought that sexual relations are impossible without affection or great love. And mother always tell their beloved daughters that boys can deceive them telling about the affection in order to have sexual relations(DeLamater 1987).And the most important item is early sexual relations among boys and girls and the results of early such relations. It is known that young girls and boys experience their first sexual relations differently because of social and biological reasons. During first sexual interaction boys mostly feel little embarrassed and awkward. But in the result they find it pleasurable, because they have orgasm and erection.

And it is a new stimulus to have more such sexual relations with girls.Adolescent boys dream to meet a girl who wants only passionate sex and no love or affection. Young boys have strong sexual desires and they can overwhelm young girl with fast or quick sex. One more difference between male and female sexual behavior is fear to become pregnant.

A lot of difficulties are concerned with the problem of unwanted pregnancy. This factor deprives many girls from sexual pleasures, because they are more aware of the difficulties of such problem(Baldwin 1997). The next reason of being afraid of sexual relations is diseases, which are transmitted sexually, such as AIDS.  It is a serious problem for girls, and, therefore, girls are more cautious about sex.

To sum up all the researched information it is necessary to admit that men try to be interested in sexual development more than women do. Many young males consider sexual relations as a source of physical pleasure not connecting it with love and affection. Women are more interested in affection and love. It is proved that differences in sexual development and interest are really universal and all societies are faced with such problem. These differences as to sexual interest are explained by biological differences among males and females. But many psychologists state that these differences are caused by social factors.

It is known that sexual awareness and education will help to avoid many problems in future. Both males and females can learn important things during different studies or seminars which are really useful in educating young people. So many psychologists mentioned that young people should always be aware of their deeds and they should avoid casual sexual contacts in order not to become ill. Young boys should be more patient and try not to be quick in sexual relations(Baldwin 1997).ReferencesBaldwin, Janice.

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