Gender Stereotype Essay

According to research found on women’s issues, gender stereotypes occur when placing “opinions or roles toward either gender. Gender stereotypes are apparent everywhere in our society, especially in the media. Companies display ads and commercials to gear toward the common belief of gender stereotypes.

” For example, “they portray women in house cleaning and child caring roles to sell [cleaning supplies] and baby products. They sell beer and cars to men by showing women in [revealing] outfits, or a sweating man out in the yard working hard on his lawn.These gender stereotypes are used to sell the products to the people they believe would use it most, showing them in situations they would most likely be in. The problem with using gender stereotypes occur when we find ourselves making assumptions about members of our own, or the opposite sex. ” In other words, gender stereotype is what other(s) think of someone or others. We live it everyday, and we breathe it everywhere we go.

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Companies and organizations display messages toward the common belief of gender stereotype. For example, they often focus on certain sex to sell certain products to society.Gender stereotypes can also create and clearly be a problem in our society. GENDER STEREOTYPE’S IN TODAY’S SOCIETY A woman being displayed as a housewife or servant has become one of the most seen stereotypes.

This is something I’ve seen throughout my childhood, and it went on until my mother could not take it anymore. “I want a wife who will take care of my physical needs. I want a wife who will keep my house clean. A wife who will pick up after my children, a wife who will pick up after me” (by Judy Brady). These were the things my father expected from my mother, the way he treated her and the way he thought of her.Women are looked upon as the people who should just clean the house and take care of the children.

Many men feel their wives are their own personal servants. I as a man totally disagree with this. Men and women should equally share in the responsibility for cleaning the house and taking care of the children.

Just because they carry the child, does not make it totally their responsibility to care for him or her. Most men do not stick around long enough to take care of their children. They lay down with the women and afterwards assume they have no more responsibilities. Many think that women tend to be better parents.While the mother is pregnant, she develops a tight bond with her child, which often leads to becoming very nurturing. Many children can survive without a father; it is harder for them to survive without their mother.

Most of Society, along with many Judges, believes that women are somehow fundamentally better parents than men. “They are designed for it,” “the maternal instinct. ” In many cases children are closer to their mother than their father. Many sources say men are the worst parents. I disagree. Many fathers do not know how to be a father, but those who do know how to be a father take on the responsibility and do it well.I am one of those, and I strive to be triumphant. Some men do not take the time to understand their children like mothers do.

There are several men out there that end up with the role of mother and father due to the mother leaving the home or being unsuitable. “It goes without saying that the 10% of single parent households led by a single father bring up the children significantly better than the 90% of single mothers. ” Men tend to be sterner on their children when they are the sole provider in the household. They have higher expectations than women.

I agree that single parent men have a much better success rate at raising their children than single parent women. Some women are so focused on placing the blame on the man for leaving the house and they tend to forget to focus on raising their children significantly. It takes men much longer to mature than it does women. By the age of 18 women are thinking further ahead than men.

They are more focused on what they want out of life, and they can function as an adult. While most men at the age of 18 can barely function as adults, they are still focusing on others to help them through challenges in life.It is so hard for a man to focus and stay with one woman, yet there is a great need to have a main one that stays at home. Women often blame men saying they can not be committed, but women are as equally liable as men. In the 1995 movie, Waiting to Exhale, Robin was a very promiscuous woman who could not decide on one man, she slept with several women’s husband. This movie showed realistic situations of how men and women act when faced with commitment to one another. “In today’s society it’s about the same.

At one point the stereotype was that men saw marriage as an end to everything and women saw it as a gain.Now with women having such prosperous careers and also how long it takes to get a career off the ground you have as many women who are avoiding it as men. ” Marriage is not something one is forced to do. It is a volunteer effort and if the man or woman can not stay faithful to one another they should consider reevaluating the purpose of their marriage. I utterly agree that both women and men have a hard time focusing on commitment. They often end up hurting more than one person.

While many people would refuse to admit it, people’s perceptions of the opposite sex along with their own opinions are often heavily influenced by stereotypes.Stereotypes are real in everyday life. Many stereotypes have been going on before we have come to believe is true.

There are no ways to avoid stereotyping as it is in every movie we watch, every commercial and video we see on T. V. and other source of communication. I believe stereotypes are an acceptable part of our culture. Many stereotypes need to be avoided i. e. women should not be looked at as slaves, housewives or servants they deserve a lot more respect.

Women are now apart of the working class and it should be accepted by men.Women need to stop portraying men as the bad guys; we are not all bad there are a lot of good family men out there. References Roberta Alexander, (2006) A Community of Readers: a thematic approach to reading. San Diego: Pearson Education, Inc.

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