Gender Stratification Essay

Gender StratificationSociety is indeed segmented into two groups generally based on the aspect of gender namely the male and female class.

In a biological sense, this stratification is significant as different characteristics are only innate to a respective gender group such as birth only for females and Adam’s for males. However, in the sociological perspective, the concern of gender differences often produce problems as this issue cause ambiguities and conflicts in the aspect of gender roles and responsibilities.The concern of gender stratification is indeed significant as the factor of gender greatly affect the issue of social roles and responsibilities. Considering the conflict theory in sociology, gender stratification is mainly the differences in the views and concerns of the two gender affected primarily with their perception of the society cause by gender influences. Some of the manifestation of this concept is the differences in the conflict in the behavioral nature between the two gender group primarily their psychological aspect which is attribute to their gender nature.

The functionalist theory on the other hand states that gender stratification is brought about by the differences in the basic gender roles and tasks of each group attributed to their respective characteristics. For example, as men’s physical features are known to strong they are given the responsibility of providing for their family and doing physically demanding work. On the other hand, as women’s nature is basically caring and tender, they are more suited to the household tasks or rearing for their children.

Through this concerns that the society developed a conceptual border between the two groups attributed primarily on their biological nature and characteristics.;