General should not be overlooked is that while

General Zaroff is easily the better hunter in the story. Many may think Rainsford is a better hunter because he killed Zaroff, but in all realityZaroff is the better hunter and I will give reasons why. Even though Rainsford did end up winning Zaroff found him and let him win multiple times in order to keep his game going. When Rainsford was getting second thoughts about Zaroff, it was because Zaroff said on page 21 that, “They indicated a channel where there was none”. Basically Zaroff made a trap for people lost at sea to get stuck in a string of currents that takes themto his island of death which is a very clever trap that only a skilled hunter could build, which even left Rainsford impressed. Also another thing that hintedtowards his sick actions he said “I have grown rather bored of hunting animals with no ability to reason.” which basically means he gotten bored of hunting animalsand has wanted to hunt something more advanced like a human. This is another statement of his cleverness of hunting.  One good example is how when Zaroff was telling Rainsford how he shot his fathers turkey and his dad didn’t get mad, but was proud of his skillsOn page 18 he says “He complimented me on my marksmanship.” Something else said on page 19is that the general said “I wondered why the hunt no longer fascinated me. ” This proves that he finds the more dangerous the animal the more fun of ahunt. So he turns to some of the worlds most dangerous animals like Hippos and Rhinos. Something that should not be overlooked is that while Rainsford was hiding in the tree General Zaroff knew of his where abouts, but decided it wasbetter to let him live and keep his game going. Rainsford was struggling to get away while on the other hand Zaroff was having a cake walk and decidedto even taunt his skills and puff smoke directly to where Rainsford was to prove his dominence as a hunter. Zaroff gave him a second chance knowingit would not matter and that he would end up finding him again anyways. For example, Zaroff explained how he was in a hunt with a man then he killed the man, called him stupid…but then mourned after his hound who he referred to as “The finest hound in my pack” on page 25. ” Although in the end Rainsford won the “Game”, you must not forget that Zaroff has more experience, Zaroff let Rainsford live multiple times to keep the so called game going, and has much more knowledge about hunting than Raisford does which is why Zaroff is clearly the better hunter.