General Issues Essay

General IssuesIntroductionThe topics, which have been assigned to me, are very interesting.

All of the topics would have a brief research on them, which would benefit people who are unaware of the current social, political or economical conditions. This article would benefit people in several ways as it is based on about four topics. The four topics chosen for this article are Family Life, Gender Roles, Education, and Politics.A brief structure of all of the topics is given below. The topics are very interesting because they require a thorough research and all four of them are part of our daily lives about which many people do not know. We always get on a brief and bold conclusion when we compare things with other cultures and traditions.

It is much better to compare things with better things because it benefits the research and gives more adequate features to improve or surroundings.Family LifeTo start a happy life it is necessary/essential to have a family. Family does not mean people living under one roof but happy families are those who on living apart love each other full heartedly and are concerned about their relatives. People in about a time of approximately 2 years construct their homes but are unable to settle a happy family there. Because of rising conflicts and no attempts to resolve the tangled emotions, the relations get more and more intertwined.According to research, mostly families in America are unhappy because of the certain behaviors of the family members. In America, when children grow up and they get married, they do not care for their parents. Instead, they think their old parents a burden on them and so leave them in the old age homes.

Families in the USA are not only facing this circumstance among their family relations but children and teenagers there are so misbehaving and intolerant that they do not even listen to what their parents are saying. It often results in the mental sickness of both the children and the parents or the children get so keenly involved in the surroundings that they do not know what they are going to do or what they are doing.“Over the past 20 years, African American families have undergone tremendous changes, both demographically and socially. During this time, most of the studies of black families have focused on problems, such as out-of-wedlock births, single-parent families, and childhood poverty.” (Taylor et. al, 1997)As far as comparison between two countries is concerned, I have chosen Pakistan for that. The family environment of Pakistan in majority is a happy and comfortable one but there are people who after their marriages start sending their parents to old age homes.

Many families in Pakistan are facing a duel attitude from their children. It is not because of that they do not pay the required attention to the child, but personal conflicts between a couple affects the mind of a child and because of that he/ she is unable to concentrate on the happenings and people around them.Gender RolesThe most important feature in the distribution of family life and the responsibility taken are gender roles. For example if a man of a family is jobless and woman go out to work then the man should remain positive because it is necessary to earn a livelihood.

Gender roles matter the most in all fields of life whether personal life or professional life. In America, because of secularism, there is no conflicting situation like gender roles. Women are half housewives and half professional ones. Men also do not mind if their wives do a job because of the secular environment there.

An article would be best if the gender roles are described in Pakistan. This country has been rude to women. 60 years past, this country got independence but God knows better when women will get independence from the rude behaviors of the society. It is not just men who degrade women to make feel themselves inferior, but Pakistani women too have been rude to themselves. If anybody from a religious family goes to study in school (it is cleared that mostly religious families do not allow their girls to go to study and if they do so then all the education happens in long black veils), he/she is not allowed to study in co education and is covered completely. Even in many educated families, people discourage bold answering and discussions on certain current issues.

“The diversity in Muslim women’s behavior and roles is expressed across different Muslim societies, as well as within each society. Such diversity may be related to the fact that Islam provides a general framework for life, with a range of individual options. In the Islamic world, gender roles are largely based on Quranic injunctions, which are interpreted differently by various religious scholars.” (Khalid et al, 2004)EducationEducation plays a vital role in our life.

Education is the key to success. Without education, we are unable to come out from the darkness of illiteracy and conservative thoughts. However, many people in every nation or country are highly educated but their thoughts are small than the size of an ant. In America, the highest degree of education is available but I am talking about the people who hardly complete the High School. Educational environment is hardly found. Civil dresses instead of uniforms are a good example of this.

A school and a college have its identity with a proper uniform. Uniforms were introduced so that any type of discrimination among the children would be replaced. For example if a daughter of a landlord wears good clothes and does latest fashions, and if a child of a poor laborer has no good clothes to wear then he or she will be affected from inferiority complexion. Moreover, children especially teenagers are mostly doing physical interaction with their classmates because of no proper knowledge of what they are doing.We consider American people literate because their national language is English. Let me clear the sweeper there too speaks English but it does not mean that he is educated. May be he has completed his or hers schooling.

In Pakistan and India, it is a dilemma that one who speaks English is qualified. If we look closely, then all of the presidents, prime ministers, and people talk in their own national languages. English is an optional one. However, in Pakistan, it is given more importance than Urdu. There is no value of the national language here. If we say or write a strange or old word in Urdu then people say, “Why are you using the Urdu of the Mirza Ghalib’s era? Simply write in English.

There is no importance of Urdu.” However, the educational level in Pakistan is excellent from America. Youngsters and our Pakistani youth are serving the American institutions. Even now, NASA, the world’s largest space center has a number of Pakistanis in it. Educational level is high in Pakistan but illiteracy is also widespread.PoliticsHere comes the most conflicting but a favorite topic of mine. Politics is the basis of everything.

Without politics, we cannot move an inch further. Today many people discourage the youngsters at their homes to enter politics. They say it a quagmire but it is cleared that the politics, which we are ignoring, happens in our daily life. Even politics are continuously happening in our homes and personal/ professional life too. One should not forget that we got independence through a political struggle and today we are neglecting politics.

Student politics is the basic right of a student. It enables the student to stand boldly and without any fear against the injustice around. Political participation is necessary for a nation’s youth or the nation would not succeed and we would die blaming the corrupt governors who govern the country.ConclusionThe four topics were chosen through a strategy: family life plus gender roles and education plus politics. Four of them are as essential as something necessary to build a happy life. Today if we would not take a stand against injustice, illiteracy, and non-political attitude, then whole life would pass blaming others for what they have not did.

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