Genetic Counselor Decision Making Essay

Genetic Counselor Decision-Making Two parents, Jenny and Bob Miller, are both well educated and rich. They have two children, James and Andrew, who are both stricken with muscular dystrophy. The prognosis is that their muscular systems will gradually deteriorate, resulting in an early death. Yet the advances of medicine hold out the promise of a possible cure in the foreseeable future with gene therapy. Closer to hand is the possibility that embryonic muscle cells from normal individuals might be injected into people suffering from muscular dystrophy, which could bring about partial relief for James and Andrew.

There are risks, however, as with any experimental method, such as the possibility of immunological rejection of the foreign cells. As their genetic counselor, what recommendations do you have for Jenny and Bob Miller? Potential Items to research: Muscular Function Muscular Dystrophy Scientific Research and Politics Role of FDA Family Health Care Decisions Summarize your suggestions in a full page, 12-point font, double-spaced. Justify your decision. Source: Modified from: HYPERLINK “http://ublib. buffalo. edu/libraries/projects/cases/davis_notes. tml” http://ublib. buffalo. edu/libraries/projects/cases/davis_notes. html SUGGESTIONS! Hello. I am your genetic councilor. How are you? Your situation is pretty hard, I know. It must be hard going through all this trouble. You must be getting panic attacks, every now and then. I know, it is hard. Well, you know this is the 21st century there is GOT to be a way out all this trouble!. You’ve probably heard from the doctors that there is this treatment for muscular dystrophy, but, of course, there are risks.

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My recommendation? I think you should take the risks… As you may know, Muscular Dystrophy is a disorder that weakens a person’s muscle. More than 50,000 people are diagnosed with that kind of disorder. They usually come from the genetics from parents. Muscular Dystrophy isn’t contagious, so yeah. I guess, you can try to help it to be less painful by doing these different kind of exercises, and go out in the sun in a while. Well, there is no cure for Muscular Dystrophy…LAST YEAR.

This year is different. This year we have new scientist and researcher, new crew for the FDA, which is a little faster this time(I hope), and maybe a new life for your kids. Well, I have read in the newspaper that this kid improved the ability to walk after eating this highest dose, the drug that was developed from Sarepta Therapeutics. Though, it was a very slow process- took him 48 weeks to have been improved to walk, but it was worth it. This medicine is new, so there are risks.

Like if the body, actually, accept they “foreign” cells, or would they fight with them. So, I was thinking make one of your sons go through the treatment, and if it succeeds then the other son would go through the treatment. I think this is the best way-to take the risks. There is no other treatment, and if we refuse, I don’t want you guys to regret by saying, “If we just tried they treatment.. ” And if the treatment doesn’t succeed, God have mercy on us, then at least we tried. All, we can do is be strong and try to make good choices.