Genmak Essay

I was so excited for my practicum. Through this, I will be able to experience working in a company and know some knowledge about it. I chose Philippine Airlines because it is the most popular airline in the country.

My friend was having her practicum in PAL. I asked her help for passing my requirements and luckily I was hired. Before we start our practicum, we had first our orientation. The mission and vision, rules and responsibilities and other informations about the company were taught to us. I was assigned in PAL Gate 3 in Nichols, Pasay City.My bosses are Sir Gerry Rustia and Ma’am Crissy Garces. My practicum hours are from 9:00am to 5:00pm. We give advisories to the flight attendants and flight stewards.

We have our shifting time of giving those advisories. Most of the time we have nothing to do, sometimes no work is given to us. After two weeks of having my practicum in PAL Gate 3, my bosses assigned me in PAL Learning Center in Padre Faura. PAL Learning Center is a company that trains the flight attendants and flight stewards in boarding and departure. They also give them written examinations.My new bosses are Ma’am Winnie and Sir Louigie. They are so kind and approachable. I really felt so comfortable working with them.

I met Nadine, Roanne and Tin who are also having their practicum there. Nadine and Roanne are CSB students also while Tin is a student from La Salle Das Marinas. I can say that I am happier in PAL Learning Center. Here, I was really able to experience working. We have a lot of works to do but I find it enjoyable. Our bosses treat us as their friends. They ask us about the happenings in our lives and they also share their stories.

Last Friday, we should be a part of the Mock-up of the flight attendants and flight stewards. We will act as their “passengers” and they will serve us foods but unfortunately, we were not able to do it. Ma’am Nella, the boss of the other department requested for the business class foods. They gave us foods before we leave. It was a great experience because at least we were able to taste the foods of a business class.

Staying in PAL Learning Center is one of the greatest experiences in my life. I was so lucky to be a part of the company. I really feel comfortable in my work place and with the people around me as well.