Genres of Public Speaking Essay

1. Deliberative public speaking is mainly centered on problem solving in governmental cases. This focuses on having to pursue the audience on advising them on how to decide on the best method to be used.

a. Political ceremonies – During political ceremonies and other events which involve politics, deliberative speaking is mainly used. In this type of events, the speaker which is usually the politician or the running candidate tries to relay his visions and missions and the reasons on why he s a better leader of a country or a place. In this way, the speaker tries to convince the audience that his methods are better and he himself is more superior to his or her running mates.

b. Conventions – At some point during conventions certain events and happenings are given stress. For example in the Geneva Convention, speakers would try to argue on the best method to be used on solving worldwide problems such as wars and conflicts between nations.c. Debates – During debates, speakers would try to outwit each other by convincing the audience onto making them approve to what methods they are proposing to support their stand on a given topic or discussion.

2. Ceremonial or also known as epideictic speaking is used for occasions when the speaker articulates on inquiries of significance.a. Funeral – During funerals, Ceremonial or epideictic speaking is used by speakers.

This is because at some point during the funeral, speaker may tend to speak of the one who died which is significant to the audience at the moment of the occasion.b. Inaugurations – It is during inaugurations that the speakers are trying to inform the audience about how and when did something or someone started and what is its importance not only to the audience but also to the society as well.

c. Rallies – During rallies, speakers try to jazz up the audience and try to articulate something that could have caused the start of their rally and the significance of or the motives of the rally which may be significant not only to them but also to the audience.3. Combination of Ceremonial and Deliberative Speeches.

Occasions such as conventions and debates involves the use of both ceremonial and deliberative speeches at the same time. This is because during these two occasions, the speakers may try to articulate the significance of the subject and in the same process, giving out the best method or idea to solve and try to pursue the audience to be on the speaker’s side.4. Nixon’s White House Farewell Speech            Basically, the speech had by the former president of the United States was all about his thanks to the staff of the white house and the people in the white house who had render service to him when he was still the president of the US and living the white house. Though the speech was for the staff of the white house, formality could still be seen on the piece of writing.

It was addressed and furnished purposely and formally only to those people inside the house who served them during his presidency times. The speech also enlightens the audience with how significant the works of the staff of the white house are. It is showed in the speech that though there are still many good careers, working as a servant of the president makes it more significant to other careers. Also, the speech was clearly purposely made to praise the works of the servants of the president and the people who works for the government.

It was said in the speech that it was through the help of the helpers of the government which makes the government what it is now. Moreover, it was stressed that being in the government and working for the government is the one that made him finish his presidency with a thankful heart for them.            Basically, the speech can be accounted for its formality. The use of formal words in order to show the design and the intention of the speech was clearly demonstrated. And the main purpose of the speech was effectively presented in the first part of the speech and was elaborated in the remaining parts of it. Thus, the speech was definitely formal. Also, the speech’s length was definite for its purpose and for the occasion. The length and the intensity of the speech was unquestionably done for the purpose of really presenting his gratitude for the people of the White House and their greatness and nothing else.

Identifying the real purpose of the speech was really not a big matter as well. The clarity and explicitness of identifying the recipients of the speech is very distinct – the staff. It was implied during the first part of the speech and was broadened and more explained in the latter part of the speech.  Essentially the main purpose and the expectation of the speech was for the president to thank his staff and all the people who assisted him during his presidency and it was accomplished in the speech through its formality, intensity, clarity and the intensity and the particulars included in the speech. Thus, generally, the speech has justified its purpose through its contents and technicalities.Reference:Gainez, R. N. (1998).

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