GEO106-011 right explanation for the delays. This

GEO106-011 MEMO

TO: Wendy Burton, Director of Human Resources,
Government of Canada

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DATE: December 4th, 2017 (Word Count : )



Recommendation: I
recommend the changes in TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) to ensure proper
workplace and ensure less problems caused for the passengers. A proper system
that ensures the right explanation for the delays. This includes the delay
notes shown at work and educational institutions as a official reason. Attract
more people to use public transit.




In technical sense, commuting to
work or for the educational Institution has become a part of

day-to-day life. Annually TTC has a
passengers about 538.1 million with an average 1.7 million

Costumers on the weekdays, which
makes TTC on of the biggest transport system in north

America (Section
Two. (2017)). Even the smaller delays could affect many people
especially students during the exam

time’s. Majority of the students
who attend their higher education travel through ttc to downtown coming from
GTA. Due to unexpected delays and power cuts which occurs mainly on the line

1(yonge line) which effects many
people in many ways. An average student who studies in

Downtown of Toronto spend way too
much time crammed into subways and bus transit. A survey found out about 63% of
students rely on public transit which is quite a large figure. A greater no of
students attend the morning classes which is busiest time since most people go
to work at the same time. Since public transport has a lot of pressure by the
no of the people commute and maintain the sites accordingly. They should
introduce a feasible system and provides a delay note which would benefit a
whole section of people especially students (just concentrating on student
factors). These notes can be presented at workplaces, educational institutions,
etc. Basically this works as note which could be presented at accepted sites,
when an unknown delay caused by the some factors this note is issued by the TTC
explain the situation. The certificate is issued when there is a delay more
than 5 min to the amount of the delay caused for the person depends on the
                                                        The  system
is already in use in Japan (Tokyo) the subway service issues a delay
certificate (densha chien shoumeisho In Japanese) the staff
distributes these certificates which can be provided to a
boss, school administrator or other person in authority as an acceptable excuse
for being late(Delay Certificate?Yurikamome,Inc.. (2017)). The institutions over in Japan accept it as an
official excuse but in Toronto not many accept it. Recently TTC stated that it
issue the delay certificates from long time but a little known fact. Unlike in
Japan the certificate is not issued at the time of incident but it can be ordered
via email or by calling TTC’s customer care but it takes up to five days to
receive the note which is a quite long (Running
late due to Toronto transit? TTC provides notes to explain tardiness. (2017)). The system need to extend to
educational, professional institution to be accept as an official reason of
being late. By introducing these service it would increase a new job opportunities
and better way to commute. It will also add up to bring a new technology and
investments which could help maintain the service on time. The service gives a
better opportunity to the people of Toronto to experience a better commute and minimize
the delays caused frequently. Introducing these services would be beneficial
for lot people who commute to the workplace or educational institution. For an
example if there is a delay at a peak time when students have exams going on it
would delay 63% of students delay to the exam which would cause a mess up and
some might end up missing the test, last year in fall 2016 on chemistry exam
since there a sudden closure of TTC at few stations caused delays up to 45 min
which the exam ended up starting late which caused a lot trouble to manage the
students and staff. By introducing this method it helps up to build the
punctuality in the staff and the people which is helpful to lead a balanced
life. The system also helps to regulate the smooth flow of passengers and
create a better environment to travel. It would also attract many more
passengers would help to increase the revenue of ttc. It has also few environmental
factors more people travelling through public transit would help to cut down
the emission of gases into atmosphere and help to reduce the traffic
significantly. I would be so pleased if this factor coming in action.  One more way to attract a significant number
of passengers to provide a faster service and expanding the services into the
GTA. TTC only runs on the major routes in only few parts of GTA expanding the
services into the cities would create a lot of job opportunities and attracting
many passengers. The no of express and fast buses should be increased during
the main hours would let the passengers a fast travel option and people would
choose the service. The cost of the services should be fixed such that it
should be accessible for everyone.


The government of Canada and Ontario
announced a $1 billion funding package representing the largest ever joint
federal-provincial investment in municipal transit (Canada,
I. (2017)). The agreement will average funding of  $70 million per year from both the government’s
which will help to improvise and modernize and expand the services and help to
provide a better transit service to 1.3 million daily riders (Markham mayor ready for Yonge subway expansion north.
(2017)). There will be lot of new people coming to GTA almost 100,000 to
150,000 every year to almost for next twenty years which is a significant rise
in population. Most of the travel burden falls on the TTC as it the biggest
transit in the North America (Renewing the Toronto
Transit Commission – Governments invest $1 Billion. (2017)). TTC
should also stand on the rise and awarded the best transit in northern America.
The challenge also comes from the GO service which is faster service but it an
expensive mean of transportation which costs almost 15$ daily for a student
from Pickering to come to Ryerson University (downtown). The regular maintenance
and cleaning the vehicles would create a positive impact on the people and help
to feel refurbished, rather than getting a sick feeling inside. Modernizing the
technology provide a feasible access to all section of people (inclusive of physically
and visually impaired).


 In the final discussion the options I suggest to
introduce a delay certificate which can be provided to boss, school administrator
or any person in authority as an acceptable excuse for being late. Expanding
the service to inner parts of the GTA area and increase in frequency of busses
in all major routes mainly express services would increase a significant number
of passengers. Modernizing the services and equipment would help a wider
section of the society to benefit from the services. By expanding the services would
create a lot of job opportunities and help to expand the market. It would also
become an ideal factor and plays an important role in Toronto citizen’s life as
almost most workers commute to workplace, educational institutions, etc through













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