George Bush Speech Essay

The tone he used in the first paragraph brought feeling of certainty and assurance to the nation by stating whether we bring our enemies…

justice will be done. ” This use of the language technique epistrophe and repetition is an attempt to rebuild the trust, confidence and hope of the American government and its citizens. Throughout this first paragraph George Bush uses personal pronouns to directly address the nation, making it more personal and more likely to evoke a response from his global audience. His American accent also has a personal effect on the nation as they know that he is grieving with them as he is one of them.We also see him map out the process of grieving in which the nation ill go through as he says “grief to anger, and anger to resolution”. His first line in the second paragraph “on behalf of America…

” shows that in times of difficulty he steps up and proves his leadership through empathy he recognises that he, the first citizen is at one with the rest of the citizens of America. In the next line of his speech, although he and America are grieving and at lowest ebb due to the atrocity that has befallen their nation, American pride shines through as he specifically mentions “the sounds of our…. Cairo”.

This rule of three conveys the gratitude and acknowledgement for globa upport to the American people as significant global landmarks are recognising the devastation that has occurred. This is also another representation of unity, togetherness and America as ‘one’ due to the use of the pronouns “our” and “we”. George Bush uses anaphora to enhance the fact that America “will not forget” that other countries supported them through tough times, through the use of this language technique we do get a feeling of a true sincerity from the president and we sense once again the pride that America has global support.In the body of his speech there is a strong term enemies of freedom” which evokes anger and I also feel it evokes a feeling of desolation.

The tone in the body of the president’s speech also conveys how unconceivable he found this attack to have been. This is where George Bush increases the tempo of his speech to encourage the audience’s attention as he recollects the bad times in the past “Americans have known … surprise attacks” but then he goes on to say “but never before…

reedom its self is under attack” Which he does to reinforce the fact that although they have been through a lot this is the worst attack on innocent people, thus setting a ood of fear. The technique Pathos was used here to emotionally appeal to those watching the speech and to help them feel what he is feeling as the president. The quote “night fell on a different world… ” once again shows that it all happened so quickly yet the response was equally as fast and it is not just America that is affected.George Bush then goes on to say “Americans have many questions tonight. Americans are asking: who attacked our country? ” which is a rhetorical question that mirrors the questions of the citizens of America.

At this point in the script there is a tonal shift as he mploys logos to come up with a logical appeal and a way forward for all Americans. In this quote we also see him switch from third person “Americans…

” to first person “ou’ this switch to a personal pronoun is another technique he uses to make the speech and the whole event more personal.In the next line he uses an analogy “A1-Qaeda is to terror what the Mafia is to crime” to help the audience understand him and relate to what he is saying. He then goes on to say they are “imposing their radical beliefs on people everynhere” which once again proves that it isnt just America’s fight nd the emotive word “radical” is used to enhance the fact that their beliefs are far from normal. “It will not end…. Found, stopped and defeated” This rule Of three and hyperbole shows the determination Of the US president and it also outlines a process they have to follow so that they can win their fight for freedom and live in peace.

Further into the body of the speech George Bush includes another rhetorical question show that America have many questions yet to be answered “Americans are asking why do they hate us? ” At this point he attempts to answer there question by stating “They hate what… reedoms…. freedom of religion.

.. speech..

. vote..

. each other” At the start of the quote there is another example of deictic expression, however he then goes on to use anaphora to enhance the fact that America is a free country no matter how much damage the terrorists did. The president then goes on to say “these terrorists.

.. hey hope… retreating from the world and forsaking our friends” The verbs used in this quote are ones which highlight neglect and abandonment which is what A1-Qaeda wanted out of this attack but then he says “we stand in their way” and this verb represents the American people, ignified and standing tall no matter what. He also says it in a way which makes the terrorists look jealous and shows America as a defender who will not let them in. In an attempt to answer the question “how will we fight and win this war? ” he says “we will direct.

.. every… every.

.. every…. disruption and defeat..

. etwork” and this quote shows that they will do everything possible to protect their country and demolish the terrorists. This long sentence is another language technique to highlight the process they have to follow to get to where the need to be. hThese measures are essential” This short entences states that without those measures they will not get the result they want/need, this is a true fact. “Stop it, eliminate it and destroy it” Logos is implied here once again along with the use Of the language techniques, rule of three and synonymia to show that there is a succinct plan in place.

This is the world’s fight. This is civilization’s fight… fight…

an attack on one is an attack on all” The repetition of the verb fight and the use of the emotive metaphor emphasises the struggle that is going to take place in order for the world to return to normal. He also uses a macrocosmic figure to invite the world to join their fight for justice. “l ask you to… l ask you…

” this anaphora places the responsibility on the nation as a whole and highlights the fact that they need to work as a team. “Terrorists-American prosperity.They did not touch its source” This quotation states that they attacked the World Trade centre, a building but they did not do any damage to the heart and soul of America and the American citizens. Then he goes on to praise and inject confidence into the nation by saying “America is successful…

hard work…

our strengths today’ his rule of three also highlights that A1-Qaeda hasn’t damaged the American spirit as it still lives on today. This is also where George Bush slows the speech right down, allowing everyone to reflect and remember the events that have occurred. Great harm has been done to us, we have suffered a great loss” this rule of three reinforces the fact that they, as a whole have been affected. Also the use of short sentences shows the emotion going through his mind about the many lives lost that day.

“Grief and anger… mission and our moment” the use of alliteration and repetition here highlights the fact that hey have found what they need to do and when they have to do it. “Freedom and fear are at war” alliteration is used in this short sentence to highlight the contrast between the two. He then says “it depends on us as.

Our nation-this generation-will lift a dark threat of violence… ” and this quote uses a personal pronoun to highlight the fact that teamwork is needed to succeed and the US president uses a metaphor to portray an image of darkness being lifted and the image of hope in the future, a new beginning. “We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail. ” This is rule of three and anaphora which is used to onvey a tone of determination and the imperatives are used to emphasise their tireless nature. George Bush then says later on in his closing remarks “It is my hope ..

. ife will return to almost normal” which shows that even though he shows optimism and hope to console and reassure the American people he is being realistic in his aims for the future. Another example of deictic expression is when he says “l will carry this” Out of context this would make no sense but he then goes on to explain how it is the police shield of a man called George Howard who died on 9 1 1. The way that George Bush names he police officer that died makes it so much more personal and shows the nation that he was a man of the people who died saving others. This is my reminder of the lives that ended” is sensitive to the many people who have lost loved ones. will not forget.

.. l will not yield … rest.

.. relent” the use of anaphora here shows that George Bush is focused on the task at hand and the fact that it is in the first person shows that he knows what his role is as a leader Of State. “The course of.

.. certain” alliteration is used here to emphasise the hope and optimism he has for the nation. He then says “God is not eutral between them …

God grant us wisdom and may he….

America” and this shows that God is on their sides, justice will be done and in God they trust. In George Bush’s speech there is a measured, assured and confident tone throughout. He is very composed and his message is on of optimism and certainty that justice will prevail.

He gets his message across strongly and makes sure that although they will never forget the events of 9 11 the United States of America and the rest of the world will work together to make sure their enemies are brought to justice and that their new beginning is a peaceful one.