George H. W. Bush Essay

George Herbert Walfer Bush was born in Milton Massachusetts on June 12, 1924. He was born into a wealthy politically active family. He went to Philips academy, which is an elite boarding school. He was the 41st president and served during the years of 1989-1993. In 1964 he ran an unsuccessful senate campaign in Texas. He served a full two terms, two years later in 1966, as The U. S. House of Representatives. He then served in many positions. In 1971 he served as the U. S ambassador to the United Nations he was also head of the republican national committee during the Watergate scandal.

In 1976 he was the director of the central intelligence agency in 1976. Which all lead to his presidential election. In 1980 he attempted as U. S. president but fail to win his parties nomination. He then lost to Ronald Reagan. He then served two terms as President Reagan’s vice president. He then ran again to serve as president, and won to Michael Dukakis. He served on full term. During his acceptation nomination speech he read “Read my lips: No new taxes. ” One of his first hard trials was. Saddam Hussein invaded the city of Kuwait in August 1990.

He was able to get Saddam Hussein out of the oil rich country. This is seen as one of Bush’s greatest success during his presidential success. President bush passed the clean air act, and the disabilities act. The clean air act was focused on the things reducing urban smog, curbing acid rain, and eliminating toxic chemicals. The disabilities act made it illegal for employers and employees to discriminate against the disabled ones. They also were ensured adequate access to transportation, public venues, this law gave the disabled more independence.