George glasses enable Nada to see just

George Nada goes to LA to find a job and seek a better life.While living in a community with others he comes across a pair of sunglasses. George puts them on and sees the real side of society in a alien like form. Most of them are important members of our society. They keep humans in ignorance and they rule our world as they like. The messages change around the billboards when George puts on the glasses, it says “SLEEP” “OBEY” “CONSUME” “WATCH TELEVISION”.What’s more, the glasses enable Nada to see just who ”they” the rich and powerful who, through these lenses, become skeleton-faced ghouls with glittering eyes. George is freaked out and founds out more of what is going on and he doesn’t like the sound of it. It’s a world with a corrupt society and he decides to kill them all. Nada is a hardcore hardworking man, he does whatever it takes to make things right. When it came to kill these “aliens”, he wasted no time. This corrupt society has been the same for quite some time. Society hasn’t been equal, no one is treated the same and there isn’t any signs of peace. We move to acts of violence to try and better our society but that’s not the right way. People dressed in uniform with guns and handcuffs control society, also known as the police. As seen in the movie, they harass whoever they want, just like today in the real world. In the movie , Nada tries to tell people what’s really going on, but they think he’s crazy. He tells his friend Frank to put on the glasses but he refuses to because he thinks it’s some type of drug, they end up fighting and Frank finally puts on the glasses and sees what is happening. Frank thought that George was crazy this whole time, but it turns out he isn’t. They Live is similar to “The Hanging Stranger”, Ed discovers the hanging body but everyone thinks there is nothing wrong with it. Nada and Ed are in the same situation, people think that they are both out of their minds. In reality Nada is not crazy and he is actually smart since he’s trying to put an end to the corrupt society. Ed is just being a normal person, trying to figure out what’s going on but society thinks the hanging body is okay. In today’s world, we don’t know what is and what isn’t normal. Everyone has their own way of living life and no one can change that. If Nada would of never found those sunglasses, he would’ve never known that society was messed up. In the Hanging Stranger, Ed already knows society is messed up because of how they react to the hanging body. Ed says “See it? There it is. How the hell long has it been there? What’s wrong with everybody? They just walk on past!” ( Ed isn’t out his mind, he’s reacting like any other person should. It’s the rest of the society who is acting strange, they act like its normal. Just like how Ed sees reality, Nada sees the same thing in They Live. Society tries to ignore the elephant in the room, they act like everything is fine when there’s a big problem going on. The government controls most businesses and media. They tell the news what to broadcast, they put what they want on billboards, they control the police stations. That’s why the world is how it is, they overuse the power they have and control society. The news broadcasts what they are told and people think the world is falling apart, so they don’t listen to the government and do their own thing, like the “aliens” in They Live. They obey, consume, watch tv, and sleep. The basics of living in society and not obeying the government. “They Live reminds us that there are human beings with no sense of linked fate, compassion or caring for other people. They are engaged in a cruel type of calculus that results in a distorted and wicked biopolitics that uses the “market” to decide human worth” ( “There’s a body hanging from the lamppost,” Loyce said. “I’m going to call the cops.” “They must know about it,” Potter said. “Or otherwise it wouldn’t be there.” “I got to get back in.” Fergusson headed back into the store. “Business before pleasure.” Loyce began to get hysterical. “You see it? You see it hanging there? A man’s body! A dead man!” “Sure, Ed. I saw it this afternoon when I went out for coffee.” “You mean it’s been there all afternoon?” “Sure. What’s the matter?” Potter glanced at his watch. “Have to run. See you later, Ed” ( From these two quotes we can see that these human beings have no compassion or caring for people. In They Live, the “aliens” have no compassion for the other people, when Nada walked into the liquor store with the glasses, they knew what was going on so they talked to their own people on a watch demanding to get Nada. Then in The Hanging Stranger, Ed talks to Fergusson about the body and Fergusson acts like it’s no big deal. Instead of calling the police, Fergusson heads back out and leaves the body there. The whole environment of They Live and The Hanging Stranger is strange facing the fact that society is acting weird about the situations. You can’t be walking around and see a hanging body and just act normal, or you can’t just see “aliens” with sunglasses and act like it’s nothing. Society is ignoring the main problem in the world, we act like we don’t see what’s actually going on. “They Live presents one of the choices citizens must make in this time of neoliberal trouble and tumult: does one choose to live in denial or does one accept the truth? ( We are choosing to live in denial, we act like we don’t see what’s going on when we really know. As for the movie, Nada knows what’s going on and he does something about it. He tries to let everyone else know, but they think he’s insane. Same with The Hanging Stranger, everyone thinks Ed is crazy, so they leave him alone or they tell him nothing is wrong. It’s just like today, no one wants to know how America is financially and physically because they already know we’re in debt with countries, global warming is making messing up our weather, Antarctica is basically melting, war with Korea, etc. Society doesn’t need to hear all this, we already have enough of our own problems. “Ultimately, They Live is also a metaphor for how the “aliens” still dominate American politics and life…” ( They Live is basically a reflection of the 2016 debate of the presidential nominee. They warned us of how society was going to be, look at the world now. Trump is president, we are almost at war with North Korea, a wall might be built between Mexico and the U.S. The Hanging Stranger is somewhat the same thing. The story is basically what society is today, we ignore what we want to and usually we ignore the stuff that matters. “As Loyce begins yelling for the crowd to do something about the body, police arrive to break up the gathering. During questioning, Loyce tells the police he was working underground all day. The police tell him that this explains why he was acting strange. He missed the explanation for the hanging body. After the questioning, Loyce remains suspicious. The men he talked to were not local police that he know and they never gave him an explanation for the body…” ( This tells us how the police and society is being controlled. Just like They Live, the government has control over everything and society does nothing about it. They Live and The Hanging Stranger are perfect examples of how society was going to be like today and it couldn’t have been more accurate.