Georgtown application Essay

I grew up in Hong Kong as a child in a single parent household.

Despite the disadvantages that such a situation might offer, I excelled in my education and have now reached the point of decision regarding how to build on the foundation I have made. As a student in Hong Kong, I was exposed to a rigorous educational path. I am currently 18 years old, and I have already taken three semesters worth of classes at a community college in MA. Because of the classes and the environment to which I have been exposed at NAME OF COLLEGE, I have developed an interest in the areas of law and international relations.

This came after taking classes in International Relations, Economics, and History. The law interests me as I find it a necessary framework in which societies can flourish. Since various societies depend on this legal scaffolding as a guideline and method of preserving their societal structures, I consider the law also to provide a bridge between cultures that facilitates international relationships.

Having researched a number of universities, I have come to admire Georgetown University because of its dedication both to the law and to international relations. The university displays a high degree of connection with several regional and international bodies that are dedicated to the study of law and culture. I find this impressive because I know how closely the laws of any nation relate with its culture. Since it is necessary to thoroughly understand a culture before attempting to form friendly and legal bonds, I see the kind of undergraduate preparation at Georgetown University as an indispensable first step toward (ultimately) getting a degree in law. With this degree, I hope to work both as a lawyer and an international relations officer, and I know that the faculty and culture of Georgetown University will offer me an excellent chance of realizing my dreams.