Gift: Family and Mom Essay

Gift Gifts have their own way to bring happiness to a people. People usually give gifts to friends and relative to share their feelings. That is one of the ways to strengthen the relationship between two people. Usually gifts give joy and pleasure to the receiver. People usually think that a gift are always tangible, but is that always true? My answer is a big no; I think there are some intangible gifts which show you how to live a better life. I usually get gifts from my friends and relative on different occasions, but the gift which I received from my mother, to respect and care for others, was the best gift ever.My mom has numerous good qualities.

She is a very loving and kind person. She is a very hard worker and dedicated towards her work. Everyone who knows my mom likes her a lot because of her ready to help and polite nature.

She never loses her courage, regardless of any situation. Even in our bad economic situation, she was helping my dad in his farming work as well. She is my role model. I do recall one incident that had indirectly taught me the most important lesson of my life, which had totally changed me as a person. I consider this as my best gift ever.One day my uncle and aunty had visited our home in India. They hadn’t visited us in long time, and also it was already a lunchtime, my dad had insisted they stay for lunch.

My mom was not at home on that day, so dad came inside my room and was looking at me with the hope that I will prepare lunch for them. I have never done any cooking previously except making coffee, which never tested well. Also I do not want to spend my time in cooking for whom I don’t have much bond with.

So I told my dad, loud enough to be nearby my uncle and aunt who sat in leaving room.I have no time to prepare food for them. I sounded so rude. My dad did not say a single word to me; he just came out and made a fake excuse to them, but they had already heard the actual reason for it. After sometime they had left without having any food. My dad was angry at me, but did not say single word to me on that day. But still My inner arrogant soul was in favor of my decision. Even though, my parents gave me an indirect message by not talking properly for my bad behavior, but I didn’t understand their unusual behavior, and I didn’t learn a lesson that day.

After few days of that incident; we sat in our lawn after having our dinner. It was almost bed time, and my mom was already yawning, and ready to go to sleep. My mom saw a young couple with a small kid that was standing outside of our neighbor’s home. But they went out of town today and told us to return late at night. So my mother asked them –“who are you looking for? Have you lost your way”? They told us, there have not lost their way, infact they were relative of our neighbor and came from another state after a long journey.My mom told them they were out of the town and expecting to be back late.

As there was no other way to stay for them, my mom invited them to our home and rest until our neighbors come back. My mom asked them for dinner, and started to prepare some food for them. I didn’t like that, so I asked my mom “why should we prepare food for our neighbor’s guest? ” My mom looked at me in a different way and replied, “Have I asked you for any help? You don’t need to waste your time in the kitchen, for whom you don’t know even”. I was in shock.

I got to the point which my mom wanted to make. I said “I am sorry for being rude, and she replied it was not your fault it was our fault, maybe we failed to teach you good manners. Those words were shocking for me.

I felt very bad and disappointed at myself. I felt I have lost my parent’s faith. I could not stop my tears. Then my mom explained to me very politely “dear you should take care for others and give respect to everyone regardless if you know them or not.

You will not get respect if you don’t give it to others”.That was best lesson my mom had taught me. I have promised my mom, I will never behave rude towards any one again, and will take care of my friends and family members. After that incident, I have always observed my mother’s behavior, and I have tried to accept her qualities. As I have accepted my mother’s qualities in my nature, it gave me an additional support to strengthen relationship with my friends and relatives. My friends and relatives always admire my helping and carrying nature.

This gift more helpful to me after my marriage, it was helping me to adjust with new people in my husband’s family. I was able to make space not only in my in-law’s house but also in their heart. Everyone likes to receive gifts but it’s quite difficult to say why we remember some of them and forget others. I guess that the memories depend not only on the gift itself, but also on the person, who gave it and on the situation, where it occurred. I can say that I have received many gifts, but this is the most important and precious gift in my life.This is very useful to maintain relationships, and become good person. It helped to shape me as a more caring, loving and responsible person in my life.

Composing life I have many different experiences, multiple levels of changes and consistency in my life. But it was depends on me, how I interpreted my situation as continuity or discontinuity. I want to write about the situation which I have interpreted as a discontinuity in my life. The situation was after my marriage; my husband was working in The United States Of America.I had been forced to leave my friends, family and even my job. It was very painful to me.

I felt that my life had ended and I had to start from zero. Even though I did my graduation in paramedical field and also was doing a job, but here in USA due to immigration restriction I am not able to do work here. So I started my study again, I was quit not happy with my situation but, after some time I realized that it was continuity in my interest and my desire to work.