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Giovanni Ramirez Ms. De St Aubin World History 2AJanuary 25, 2018DAVOS Reflection The World Economic Forum is an international organization that commits to improve the world by bringing business, political, academic, and any other leaders to discuss what the world and society should do to improve the world and our daily life. Impact 1: The Belt and Road The president of Brazil, Michel Temer agreed to an offer sent from China. The offer proposed that Latin American Nations should work closely with a Chinese initiative called the Belt and Road in order to grow and spread the economic and diplomatic influence all around the world. Belt and Road is called like that because it is the idea of China spreading through the Silk Road. This offer was really impactful because Brazil will be able to work with China in order for them to spread their products and for both of their economies to grow more and more. This also helps conflicted regions such as Venezuela and other Latin American countries because sooner or later they will potentially join with Brazil and China and their economy will grow once again. Impact 2: Donald TrumpWhen Trump became president people from all over the world were concerned about what he was going to do, but after leaving DAVOS many opinions of Trump changed. He hosted a dinner with many European leaders in where he asked how would they help increase investment in the United States. He also gave a speech in which Trump said he accounted for booming American stock market and strong economic growth. He said this was thanks to the regulations his administration slashed, as well as the 1.5 trillion package of tax cuts he had made. This left an impression on countries all around that he was willing and eager to seek foreign investment. Although there are still many rumors that Trump will begin a trade war with China many countries were left impacted on Trump’s speech.Impact 3: Social Media Also at DAVOS this year Social Media was not seen as anything good. It was said that social media failed to control extremist content and for hooking young people onto an unhealthy diet of “selfies, likes, and updates.” George Soros attacked social media and said that it was using people. Also, Theresa May attacked them. She said that Social media had helped terrorists and child abusers know information that should not be known. This greatly impacts all over the world because social media is something all of use use everyday and without it we would be really different from the way that we are know, so it will be interesting to see what world leaders, in the future, will do regarding social media and its uses.