Girls’ and at war people would die,

Girls’ education has improved vastly in the last 10- 15 years. There are so many reasons for this rapid change. Many people may say it is because of the feminists. Others may think it is because boys have become lazier, or girls have stated taking a greater interest in education and their careers. After the feminist party came, girls had started being seen differently and not just as the typical housewives, who did the cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing, sewing and other domestic chores as well as raising the children and looking after other people in the family, while men were the breadwinners and earned all the money.

Girls do not want to be dependant on men anymore and want to become something, with their own identity. They want to be independent, not having to rely on someone else to do things for them; they want their freedom: girls do not want to be like those women who were unable to become something and are now relying on government or other people to give them money. They want to be themselves, without people interfering in their lives. They want people to be proud of them for being better than boys, or being just as good.

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Boys were always given more rights than girls and now that is something girls want changed, and one of the biggest ways they can do that is by being educated. As said previously, girls’ education has improved rapidly over the past 10 years. The percentage of girls with 5+ A-C GCSE grades in 1992-1993 was 45. 8% and had risen to 47. 8% in 1993-1994. However, for boys the statistics were not so good; with 36. 8% 5+ A-C passes for their GCSE’s in 1992-93 and 39. 1% in 1993-94.

This shows us that girls’ education has improved and is becoming better than that of boys. The reason for the improvement in girl’s education could also be that boys are becoming lazier in school, or have begun to pose a negative attitude towards their education, being more interested in cars and sports. Also, teaching methods have changed, for example coursework and essays are recent, so girls tend to take more time in making them perfect, whereas boys are not so bothered with written work and usually prefer practical work.

Also, girls’ education was started to be considered a lot more after the 2nd world war because men as young as 16 were going out onto the frontline, and at war people would die, so if men were going then women were the ones who had to look after the country and keep the country’s economy running. It is now law that all boys and girls are allowed to go to school- The Sex Discrimination Act (1975) makes sex discrimination in education illegal.

Also, both girls and boys are allowed to study the same subjects- cooking and sewing are not only for women and graphics, science and resistant materials are not for boys only. Mix schools also promote the idea of girls and boys being equal and that a person’s sex should not matter anymore. Wilkinson’s study shows that women have become more optimistic about the future and are more ambitious and interested in qualifications than men. This shows that women want to do more and want to prove themselves as strong, individuals with their own identity, and not the weak people who rely on men to do everything for them.

They have been given an equal chance as have boys and are taking advantage of this opportunity to show that they can do as well as, if not better than boys and have the potential to do a lot. Not just sitting at home learning household chores and taking care of children and the family. They are not willing to be the weak duckling that won’t leave its nest. Women wanted to do more and better and have done exactly so. Girls education has improved and will continue to do so.