After researching the relationships between exercise and academic performances, mental health and resiliency , I have learned that exercise affects more than just your body.

 It can improve your performances in school and make you  happier well-being .Surprisingly, the more you exercise does affect your academic performance.  Positive relationships with academic performances are seen when you spend more time in physical education classes.   Exercising can improve your attitude towards school, your cognitive skills ( the basic brain skills you need), and increase your grades.  Charles Basch of Columbia University states: “ Exercise may affect an increase in oxygen flow to the brain, increase brain neurotransmitters and increase brain-derived neurotrophins that support neuronal differentiation and survival in the developing brain.”(SPARK)  “Research shows that drop out rates are lower for those who were more physically active.” (SPARK)  A study that took place on 5,000 students ( researching relationships between exercises and exam achievements in ENglish ,Math, and Science ) found out that grades were increasing for every extra 17 minutes boys exercised and every extra 12 minutes girls exercises.

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 Exercise can increase alpha wave activity to your brain that helps you clear your mind and focus better .  Exercise can help you fall asleep faster and can increase the duration of sleep because exercise can reduce stress and and tire you out. The recommended amount of physical activity for ages 12-17 is “60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity daily” (Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines).  A high intense level of exercising can improve your brain performance, higher thinking and learning . Regular activities can increase memory and help you try out new things.Physical activity can improve your mental health and the ability to push yourself out of your comfort zone.  Exercise can release endorphins to your brain that makes people’s overall mood happier .In the youtube video “ Exercise and the brain” by Watchwellcast says “People that are physically active show less signs of depression compared to those who are  inactive.

”  Exercising can also be used as a method to relieve stress. A youtube video called “ Emotional and Mental Benefits of exercise” by Dr.Cullen Hardy says  “Exercising can  increase concentrations of norepinephrine, a chemical that can moderate the brain’s response to stress.”  It is recommended to exercise at a moderate level for 30 minutes daily as your body will become used to it . This can change your mood towards exercising and comfort levels.

 Exercise can improve your self-confidence and have a positive self -image.  On a daily basis, I get 20- 30 minutes of light -moderate activities. Most of the physical  activity that I am getting is in physical education class and during school. I don’t think i’m reaching the limit of minutes t 1 hour of moderate -vigorous intensity level to improve concentration and academic achievement.  I will push myself by working with my healthy living and active plan to reach that level.  I am almost at the limit of enough physical activity to improve my mental health and resiliency.  The recommended amount of time for exercising daily is 30 minutes of moderate level.

If I continue to work with my healthy living and active plan , I can reach both levels to improve my academic performance and my mental health and resiliency.