Given Air Asia Current Situation with Bigger Competetors Essay

In Asia, the of cheap global aviation trends and AirAsia future development After the financial tsunami, the earthquake in Japan, flooding in Thailand, the Middle East unrest ,in America and Europe in a slump, and the current rise in oil prices, leading to the improvement of global airlines operating costs, for-profit declined.

By higher oil prices affect the long-range passenger airlines is almost impossible to make money, only short-range well-managed and have a chance to show a surplus.Before IATA (IATA) has predicted that Asia line airline may be the main profit area. Therefore, for our ability to put forward some suggestions Let the CEO of AirAsia and the future of the company can better suggestions First of all, we can understand the advantages of AirAsia First of all, let’s talk about the advantages of AirAsia : 1. Dense route network: today’s competitive environment, a new, complete route network independent aviation brand, it is difficult to be successful.Also punctuality the AirAsia competitive advantage – and the world’s best low cost airline AirAsia alliance, in addition to the dense network of AirAsia, combined with AirAsia flight network, can lead the passengers to Southeast Asian countries as well as around the world.

2. Brand and corporate culture: AirAsia to establish a unique corporate culture and brand, let us be very different with other peers. The AirAsia staff (known as the “All Stars”) is serious work,and have the same objectives.AirAsia, all opinions are very important, which can also help create a rich creative work environment, led by AirAsia to move forward and grow.

In the Asian region, compared to Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea travelers recognize cheap air proportion of Taiwanese visitors could still be considered a small number Allow more visitors in Taiwan to understand AirAsia, its marketing strategy and the way the future perhaps with transport to open up in other markets, or AirAsia to become better.AirAsia publicity in the mass media (above-the-line campaign), or niche media publicity (below-the-line campaign), strengthen the Community Media (fan page) and consumers interaction and cooperation with the program, so that more visitors can understand the low-cost carriers. Rather not think that this is a fraud. However, in the face of the external environment is not good, how to deal with the various situations encountered,I thought AirAsia can save costs 1. Additional services: passengers can choose to buy meals, baggage service and hire flight entertainment facilities.

. Improve the aircraft’s passenger load factor: to minimize machine vacancies. 3. Reduce turnaround time: reduce each aircraft time to stay in the land, and can reduce ground fuel consumption and downtime costs 4. Use of aircraft performance maximization: through accurate flight itinerary arrangements to maximize the effectiveness of the use of the aircraft fleet. However, these concepts can be how to do it? Perhaps we can consider use smartphone (EX: ipad hTC) Phone, you can easily master and complete all flight transaction.Meanwhile, mobile communications, enhance ground, flight, flight operations, maintenance, refueling and catering supply services operating procedures and flight accuracy This airline is also reducing unnecessary spending and increase profit opportunities, Such as: master precision ground conditions can be reduced because there is no accurate knowledge of whether the airport flight delays, fuel consumption caused by not landing, or any unexpected situation generated.

If they can advance through travelers zoned bit set seats can reduce not accurately estimate the occupancy rates.Or if able to advance to master the passenger dining, can also reduce unnecessary pantry. Even future travelers through WiFi system on the aircraft, the iPad point of view the film in the machine. Even the menu, duty-free catalog, various entry and exit forms and magazines and newspapers, all can be e-smartphone or iPad can be achieved. In addition, travelers increased autonomy, if we can integrate tourism, transportation and hotel industry information system, once the travelers ant to plan travel, do not only passively accept the suite of products, to link the information through the phone, and run their own planning . Finally, the global aviation industry feel the unprecedented environmental pressures So, whether it is research and development of more environmentally friendly and more fuel-efficient and quieter aircraft, or contributions to environmental protection plan, should think of a way to hard to reverse the environmental blacklist “image.

If they can build environmentally friendly image, which will be for the customers to make better sense of identity.