Given your chosen primary area of concentration Essay

Given your chosen primary area of concentration, please describe in detail 2 to 3 careers (or jobs) you may explore and/or pursue upon completion of your graduate management education at the Broad School. Please include how your past experiences and your Broad MBA concentration fits into this plan.

This essay should be no more than 750 words.The movie “Butterfly Effect” best describes human life. Human life is all about choices. Each decision we make in our lives produces a very specific result or outcome. The tiniest of changes we make has a profound effect on the final outcome of our movements. Nobody can really foretell the futures.  Even as a child, I already knew that I was destined to become a piano teacher. I may not be a piano teacher yet but I know that with perseverance and carefully planned movements in my life and work, I will manage to achieve that fervent ambition and dream.

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That is a plan for later in my life. For now, I have a life changing ambition that I hope to see to reality.That, is exactly how I plan to realize my ambitions in the finance industry.  I became passionate about the finance industry when I discovered almost by accident how the finance market has a significant effect our daily lives. If I were to predict my future, I would say that I would be a Chief Financial Officer in a high profile company. This is why I want to prepare for that eventual future.

There is a global financial market and as such, a CFO must be a visionary on an international scale. I chose to focus on marketing and strategy management majoring in International Business in my university. Our time sensitive discussions centered on reality based cases. This forced me, as a student to figure out strategic yet practical decisions under time pressure.Upon completion of my graduate management education, I would like to pursue training for Credit Portfolio Management in relation to a corporate banking set up.

I believe that I can effectively pursue and gain a client base. Aside from loaning clients money, a CPM is also expected to sell the client financial products. This is the only part of my plan that I feel is a weak link. I may not have enough financial product know-how to pull this part of the plan off. Board MBA offers a wide scope of educational coverage for this finance course and I believe it will help me gain excellent basic and advanced financial know-how. A CPM must be able to analyze and effectively present a company’s financial statement to a client.

  The job needs an overall understanding of a company’s product and the process of credit administration. I believe this is a strength I already posses having worked in the loan analysis department of a company specializing in credit analysis. While working in this department, I was exposed to false claims and an excellent manager who mentored me in ways to observe the red flag cases.

I also accompanied the account officer and assisted in dealing with these cases. This is how I realized that although there is a difference between commercial and consumer banking, but the spirit is always the same. I can also see myself working as a financial administrator for the finance department of a publicly listed company. As such, I will need to do more detailed work and analyze all data collected with a fine toothcomb. I must be omnibearing while dealing with issues such as keeping costs down, exchange rate hedge, and profits enhancement            Indeed I have lofty dreams and ambitions. These are the reasons why I wish to pursue an MBA. I want to acquire business skills in the areas of finance, operations, and strategy in order to provide a solid foundation for my future career. I know that Broad can help me achieve the necessary skills and education in order to deal with such a quick changing industry.

With the many case studies that Broad will have me study in order to assist me in my theoretical training, I realize that I will be allowed to exercise my full potential and knowledge in order to solve the hypothetical situation.            I believe that if life were a game of golf, I would be ready to tee off at the next hole. With work, life and study to balance, I know there are bunkers and hazards along the fairway. By making every shot count, I am confident that I will earn a birdie.