Glass castle Essay

When he was sober he was audacious person and a great husband and father. He would always teach Jennet and her siblings many things such as Math, physics, and would treat their mother right. But when he got drunk he was a whole new person. It was as if he had changed his whole personality. He would be ranging and hurting their mother. For example “But when Dad pulled out a bottle of what mom called “the hard stuff, she got kind of frantic, because after working on he bottle for a while, Dad turned into an angry-stranger who threw around furniture and threatened to beat up mom or anyone else who got in his way.

(Wallis 23). This really shows that alcoholism does not make up who a person is because when they are drunk they are not thinking straight at that moment. After reading The Glass Castle I do feel that it has broadened my perspective of the obstacles people face in real life. It has broadened my perspective, but in a sad way because to really think that person is good but only when sober is a sad a way to think or say about a person. I already knew alcoholism was already bad, but this just proves even more how alcoholism can really affect other around the alcoholic.The way alcoholism affects everyone is sad because most of the time it is a negative impact. It is important to read and discuss this, so people understand that what others have to get through in life to be successful and happy. Most people just assume that the rich and famous have it easy and everything comes naturally to them, which is wrong because most those people struggle just as much as anyone else but they could’ve just worked harder than everyone else.

This book really shows that no matter how harder the struggle is you can always overcome it. The Glass Castle does relate to alcoholism through the whole and it also talks about all the issues that Jeannine and her family had to go through and is something important to really discuss for a lot of people. This book shows a real family going through alcoholism and how they overcame and how it can truly help others understand what others have to go through just to get by.