Global busieness plan Essay


 U.S wine manufacturing and export of wines has gained recognition as a high-quality product all over the world, although domestic market of U.S has been occupied by international wine market which means that every 1 in every 4 bottles sold in the U.S is from abroad.

In the year 2000, U.S exported wine to 164 countries, recording business worth  $ 560 million.  US  holds fourth largest place in producing wine having 900,000 acres of land allocated to wine growing.  In California,  there are 800 wineries which produce approximately 3.1 tons of crushed wine.

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Wine Vision Global Taskforce is endeavoring to encourage entrepreneurs to take up a good start of business of Wine providing business plans and strategies to export wine from U.S.  There are success stories of 225 wineries who are actively participating in US wine business with effective master quality and high-tech global management of business practices and management drawing the means of advantages from information technology and networking  to grow in business. It is also a fact that out of 8 per cent of wine produced by U.S hold only 4 percent of world’s wine market which means that there exists a wide scope and potential to start wine business whereas it is required to clearly setout business plan in terms of objectives, goals and mission of organizations and also a full length of information in California Export Program (CEP) in order to take off the business to a sky limit within no time.

Description of organization
“Doze-off Wineries Inc.” (hypothetical name) has been incorporated in 2004 in California with a land admeasuring 75000 acres of land for growing of grapes. Owner is a young bright, energetic MBA in Exports  who has performed extensive research in winery. The company launched wine with a brand name of “doze off” which has found the favor of export market. The company has been exporting the wine to Australia, Portugal, Germany, Spain and Italy.  In three years of its inception, Doze off wineries has recorded a business of  $75 million. Enquiries export from other international market have been pouring into the company for supply of wine.  Taking the strength from its fresh experience and the success, company proposes to launch exports to France.

Assessment of France Wine Market

The government of France is not assisting producers of wine in controlling marketing forces whereas French people dislike cheaply manufactured wine and ‘fine wine’ has good market in France.  The system of (AOC) in France is successful in protecting wine diversity whereas it is unsuccessful in  ensuring quality wine.  France wine market is presently facing a transition from domestic and international market looking for quality wine,  although wine shops are flooded with variety of wines, customers find French wines as insipid and many have even stopped considering wines.

The above indicates, that there is an opportunity to market a moderate cost and quality  wine in France, for which French are looking forward as all customers cannot afford fine wine at all times.

Description of product/service to meet the need

Doze-off is a brand that has been tested in international market in terms of cost and taste and it has been called as the ‘best in trend’.  The company would like to send samples to French market dealers and draw opinions from various customers in order to enter win the appreciation of French.  The company would like to maintain a reasonable cost apart from deriving the benefits of taxes from French Government that are due and appropriate.

Company predicts that a large chunk of consumer market who are in need of tasty wine with moderate cost and doze-off would meet the criteria and need of customers in France.

The mission of doze-off is to provide a competitive, strategical, quality and cost effective wine in these increasing globalize times where stress and comfort are never at par.  The company would like to maintain a customer-oriented business with regular interaction with various international customers reviewing the quality of wine in order to meet the demands of customers. Doze-off  would like to develop a continuity of quality brands in wine with high-class R & D facility. Doze-off  would like to associate with Global Taskforce and CEP in wine growing to bring about a phenomenal change in international wine market globally. In a further period of five years, the management aims at making a remarkable turnover of business in wine globally and earn a recognition for its brand name doze-off.

Young entrepreneur considers the advise of experts of wine growers, financial experts in capital investment and in sales and marketing projections.  A professionally maintained organization with good amount of fixed and current assets, having modern manufacturing equipment for production of doze-off  forecasts a growth of 15-20 per cent in the next couple of years through export of wine doze-off to France.


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