Global Consideration and Trends Essay

Global Consideration and Trends“ A project without a project manager is like an orchestra without a conductor”–Garton & McCulloch, 2004     Project development has become an applied science and like most anything in the area of applied sciences, technology and trends currently affect project development and will continue to affect it as we transition into a more technological society of project management into the future. Project management will always be an important field because most businesses and individuals want their projects completed on time, they want their projects to meet quality objectives while at the same time they want the projects to stay within their budget set for each particular project.

Now with the introduction of new varied technologies that help in these areas, project managers are expected to keep abreast of the new technological advances that help in these and all areas of project management.     In the article, “Beyond Frontiers of Traditional Project Management,” (2005), the author Manfred Saynisch points out that one of the trends we are seeing in the area of project management is a decrease in the 1st Order Traditional Project Management which covers the field of lower complexity in project management. The other trend we are seeing is an increase in 2nd Order Project Management which covers all fields of complexity in project management. This makes sense in that old ways and old technology become obsolete and time-consuming. As the new technology comes out, however, they are in need of those who are willing to learn often re-train in using the new technologies that can benefit and be applied to project management.     Another trend that we are seeing and will continue to see more of into the future is the outsourcing of projects in the field of project management. This trend has emerged as a major trend in IT project management and those in the field see it as continuing to grow (Karlsen & Gottschalk, 2006).

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One of the reasons this is such a popular trend is that often times by the time one is trained and educated and degreed in the field of project management these days, new technologies are replacing those they learned. However, this doesn’t mean the field experience doesn’t count for anything in project management, having the backbone of the project management organization as an experienced staff coupled with outsourcing those who are updated in the most recent project management technologies can only strengthen that organization.     In the book, Fundamentals of technology project management, other areas emphasized as those that will continue to be trends in the future for project managers included to know how to manage software developers, manage network engineers, domain and subject matter knowledge, experience in engineer work and the flexibility to be trained and re-trained will all continue to be demands in this area.

However, as important as technology can be in the new breed of project managers, this book echoed others in reiterating the importance of seeing agility and adaptability as the current and future trend for project managers which actually goes hand-in-hand with new technologies.     In the article “On Certainty, Ambiguity, and Complexity in Project Management,”the authors state that “project failures are numerous in practice; for example, budget and schedule overruns, compromised performance, and missed opportunities” (Loch & DeMeyer, 2002). Anytime new technologies in project management, or individuals trained in the new technologies and trends in project management can improve on overruns, performance and opportunities, these technologies and individuals will continue to be valued in project management. The project manager is the glue that holds the project team together”                                                                            – Garton & McCulloch, 2004ReferencesGarton, C., & McCulloch, E. (2004).

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