Global Current Events Analysis Essay

Global Current Events Analysis

1) Politics

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Zimbabwean politics

Zimbabwe, a third world country is facing political instability since 27 years. Mugabe, 83, has been Zimbabwean president since 1980, when Zimbabwe obtained its independence from Britain. However he is facing heavy opposition by the masses as well as the politically active party Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party. Mugabe is ready to negotiate realizing that change is now inevitable. Election for the new president would be next year in 2008. (


 There has been a long standing power struggle amongst the pro-Western president and pro-Russian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych. Mr. Yushchenko won the presidential election of January 2005, how ever he was forced to accept Yanukovych as the head of government after his allies became unsuccessful to win a majority in the March 2006 parliamentary election. Taking the insurgent situation the Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko has dissolved parliament and called a snap election, in an escalation of the country’s political crisis. (

2) Economics

EMI and Apple

The EMI and Apple companies jointly announced that they are launching a music catalog through Apple Inc’s iTunes store devoid of anti-piracy measure known as digital rights management (DRM) which will add to EMI’s existing range of standard DRM protected downloads (

3) Finance

Toyota motors newly-launched Tundra pick-up, thus showing gain of almost 12%, recovered from its decline. . Rest all the other groups General Motors declined by 4%, Ford was down 9 % during last one month. (Toyota sales hit new record,

4) Social, health, and environmental

Blood group

Scientists have found a simple technique of changing blood from one group to another, a breakthrough that would help reduce blood shortages and calamities caused by giving wrong blood to the patient. Scientists claim that currently they have blood from group A+, B+ or AB+ to group O+, where O+ is considered to be universal donor.  Positive groups can be changed to O+ only and negative groups can only be changed to O- (

Stem cells

More over Heart surgeon Sir Magdi Yacoub revealed that they are working on artificially grown heart components for heart transplant as his team managed to grow tissue that works in the same way as human heart valves. He proclaims that they would be successful in producing a whole heart within next 10 years.

South pacific quake

A major earthquake hit the South Pacific on 2nd of April, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center here said. The quake measured 8 on the Richter scale. The epicenter was Kermadec Islands northeast of New Zealand.

5) Terrorism


Four days of ferocious fighting amongst Somali forces and Islamic insurgents caused death of 381 people in Mogadishu. Government warned residents to abandon their homes immediately. Militants have long rejected any secular government and have sworn to fight until Somalia becomes an Islamic emirate. Somalia has been mired in chaos since 1991.

6) External governance

British sailors

15 of the British sailors detained by Iranian government on 23rd of March, accusing them of entering the Iranian water jurisdiction where UK’s insistence that the sailors and marines were in Iraqi territory on routine reconnaissance. On the other hand the Iranian television telecasted filmed interviews with the British Navy personnel in which they admit entering Iranian waters.

Hundreds of Iranian students protested outside British embassy in the capital Tehran against the “illegal entry” of British sailors into their waters.

A bilateral negotiation has been going on between both the Iranian government and the British government for the release of detained sailors.


Toyota sales hit new record,