Global Issues in the Movie “Gandhi” Essay

The 1982 movie about Mahatma Gandhi.

merely coroneted “Gandhi. ” became one of the few attempts that successfully explored important world-wide issues. The film provides the viewing audiences with the rules. patterns. and evident injuries of imperialism that happened to India under the British Empire. More than these parts nevertheless.

the film “Gandhi” was best acclaimed non merely for its ocular or artistic effectivity but besides for its success in showing another concept—that is. globalisation as an alternate signifier of imperialism.In the film. the British Empire’s signifier of imperialism is the chief cause of Gandhi’s peaceful but singular revolution. It is exactly the resistance to the English sphere. which is characterized by oppressive political influence and laterality.

that serves to be the intent and kernel of the movie. As illustrated in “Gandhi. ” the peaceable effort to independency consequences in the freedom of India from the clasps of the British Empire. This is because Gandhi himself believes that his state can be without the British regulation. He exemplifies this rule in one scene where a British officer says.

“With regard. Mr.Gandhi. without British disposal. this state would be reduced to chaos. ” to which Gandhi answers. “Mr. Kinnoch.

I beg you to accept that there is no people on Earth who would non prefer their ain bad authorities to the good authorities of an foreigner power” ( “Gandhi” ) . In visible radiation of today’s environment. the film remains to be important because of the statement against globalisation. Globalization. which purportedly signifies the fusion of the universe by working as a individual community. is now likewise opposed by modern universe.

Like its old opposition against imperialism. it is besides likely for the film to oppose globalisation as the modern version of imperialism if shown today. As presented in the movie. the function of the resistance is to dispute the so imperialism and today’s globalisation because it is the local people who must be in control and non the foreign world powers of the universe. Such relation between imperialism and globalisation speaks of the similarity between the British and American Empires.This is because the Americans today are merely go oning what the British have started.

Just like the British-inspired imperialism. the usage of globalisation by the U. S. as a hegemonic power in the universe does non truly raise the involvements of each state ; instead. it simply promotes the involvements of those already in power.

As Gandhi told his countrymen: there is a demand for opposition because Indians. non foreign power. must be in control over their ain involvements. Work Cited Gandhi.

Dir. Richard Attenborough. Perf. Ben Kingsley. Columbia Pictures Corporation.