Global Managers and Stereotypes Essay

Stereotypes are ideas of Global managers primarily on criteria’s to be the best manager. Despite the years of expertise on corporate globalization, companies still give effort on searching managers that are comfortable and very effective in escalating global business.

But how come is it so difficult to build up effective global managers in giant corporate like “General Electric, Cisco Systems, and Intel”. The answers are complex for each company having its own definite needs and challenges encountered. Yet, some companies made some steps as a guide for the managers in tackling the challenges of globally managing(Feltham, 1998).

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The focus were:(1) to be able to develop a clearer understanding from the challenges across abroad in managing it globally;(2) to inculcate an appreciation and awareness in new global managers the immense difference regarding cultures to which they make business with; (3) to make sure that there sufficient support and tools to as needed to achieved their success;   (4) to be open in accepting different perspective and suggestions ;and (5) to  be in a “cognitive complexity” wherein capable of focusing on the organizations “hard” and “soft” metrics(Rifkin, 2006) .

The good example wherein the traits were very visible is from Western company doing business with China and India. Experienced executives and also great leader have seen that softer cultural issues are the common source of notable management problems in the firm(Mehta, 2004). The solution set to this, is to integrate and coordinate the individuals in ways that will ensure success, build a good working relationship and have a healthy communication to each other. The need to be sensitive and respect the cultural differences is very vital in here (Rifkin, 2006). Different cultures tend to let people misunderstand each other’s behaviors. It is then very essential to be aware of the discrepancies between cultures ,of different countries , so that working together is effectively, (Winslow, 2006).


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