Global Warming Essay

We don’t agree on everything, but the world does seem to agree on one thing : Global warming is happening, and it’s causing big problems. Global warming refers to the increase in the temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and it’s oceans.

A change that is believed to be permanently changing the Earth’s climate. Scientists have spent decades figuring out what is causing global warming and what is its effects. Global warming is a major problem in the world that should everyone know its causes and effects.The biggest cause of global warming is carbon in the form of carbon dioxide produced by burning coal and oil. The atmosphere has a natural supply of carbon dioxide and other gases. These gases capture heat and create warming effect on the surface of the Earth. This warming effect is similar to warming inside a green house ,so it become known as the “greenhouse effect”.

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As a consequence of the Increased emission of these gases the Earth would not be warm enough for us to live on.One of the causes for global warming is land clearing. Land clearing is the development of land with potential for agricultural use. Land clearing requires the removal of native cover, including trees, bushes and boulders from land surface. The land must then be broken in order to get a workable seedbed into which a crop can be seeded.

Land breaking includes the removal of roots, sumps and rocks. Land clearing leads to lack of oxygen and increase of carbon dioxide which is the main reason behind global warming .People in temperate zones may benefit from milder winters and expanding crop production while people in other areas will suffer from increased heat waves ,coastal erosion, rising sea levels, and droughts. The products that sustain people (food) may be unable to adapt to local or regional climate changes. Temperature also invites a larger range for diseases to expand into. Moreover, Intensified heat waves or rising sea levels affects the livelihood of millions by altering the norms of their constructed culture.In addition, Heavy rains will change crop seasons and therefore change shipping routes and market prices.

Global warming is a dilemma that threatens our life on the Earth. Global warming has many causes, but the two main reasons behind it are land clearing and carbon emissions. Everyone need to be aware of global warming effects. Therefore, they can prevent or even minimize this phenomenon. In short, knowing the causes and effects of global warming is important to face and solve this problem.