Globalization handling oneself. In terms of employment,

is simply defined as a free movement of goods, exchanging ideas/knowledge,
services among all people the people in the World. Globalization is also defined
as a thought on which there is a result among the interaction on global economy
that increases trade between nations. Moreover, globalization is
importing/exporting products, services, knowledge and skills on the liberalized
country that seek for the maintenance and sustainability of the economy.

role of Senior High School in the globalization is greatly had the most
beneficiary factors or effects that help students to learn and experience new
knowledge. The program K-12 is somehow has advantages and disadvantages. The
advantages of it is that Senior High School student is given two years of
extension to deal with the most achieve goals in the country, it has a great
impact on their self, family, society, community and most specially to the
country. While the disadvantages is that Senior High School students cannot be
able to apply this kind of knowledge they possess because of the lack of
confidence and improper ways of handling oneself.

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terms of employment, Senior High School student is not capable to enough to
work by their own. According to the news I’ve heard last Saturday, Senior High
School students doesn’t have a real or strong interconnectedness among people
or any employee. This news said that On the Job Training doesn’t matter at all
because of the low self-esteem of every individual. This statement tells that
it is not necessary to have an On the Job Training as long as students have
wider knowledge on what is necessary right and what could be the essential one.

shall first discussed how really globalization have an impact on employment,
then make some analysis if it should be useful or not and finally consider that
this kind of situation can assess the most important factors that can finally
go deeper into informational respect to globalization and employment. We have a
reverse impact, globalization has a great effect on employment and also
employment has a great impact on globalization. This aspect is something
related with each other, globalization has a impact in terms of economic and employment
have a greater value on globalization.


goal of having this kind of generating ideas have sufficient goal on forming or
collaborating more professional jobs in the larger international policies on
global economy. This discussion is generally having an importance on the
present issue on the international organizations, in addition, there is no
concrete plan to solved this issue. Regarding with this issue, government
should enhance the employment capability to work within the company.

terms of development, globalization can have benefits it can help the country
to be more developed and it has three important fields such as trade processes,
education and health systems and culture effects. Globalization helps
developing countries to deal with the rest of issue such as economic growth,
solving the poverty and help them to improve their way of living. Aside from
that, developing countries were not being able to tap on the world views
because of the trade barriers.

the second field which is education and health system, globalization
contributed in the country. As we can see that education has increased in
recent years because globalization has a support on the jobs that graduating or
fresh graduates can acquire higher skills when they proceed to their work. But
despite of all the positive impact, globalization in developing countries can
lead to higher wages of prospect welldeveloped countries that may affect
decrease skills labor of every individual.

the third field which is culture effects, many developing countries has been
change through globalization and become imitate on other culture. It says that
people worldwide can know each other’s side with the used of globalization.
Moreover, cultural effects have a greater impact of the people. As we can see,
many people nowadays wearing Nike T-shirts, using iPod or iPhone, playing
hip-hop music that have relevant ideas on the thing they can possess or get on
each countries different culture.

terms of social consciousness, globalization can be consider as the diverse
ongoing process regarding with the national welfare state, social issues that
designates the role and mission to their real commitments. This says that the
emergence of local and national problems is something relates with the emergence
of global institute of social problems regarding on the human rights, the
avoidance of conflict, and consolidation of any problems and the promotion of
solidarity of every individual. This means that social consciousness needs to
develop a new theory of action, in which the awareness of globalization process
will provide to create a new foundation on the relationship they establish.

a conclusion to this, globalization has its own effect on employment,
development, and social consciousness of each individual.Globalization is
grounded in the theory of comparative advantage which states that countries
that are good at producing a particular good are better off exporting it to
countries that are less efficient at producing that good. According to Jerry Mander “The role
of globalization is to homogenize all cultures, and to turn them into
commoditized markets, and therefore, to make them easier for global
corporations to control. Global corporations are even now trying to commodity
all remaining aspects of national cultures, not to mention indigenous



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