Globazation Congo slaves who were viewed as

Globazation of the world

            The great American novel The White Tiger by the writer Aravind
Adiga’s  illustrates the ironic twist
throughout the novel of globalization. 
This is a running twist shows the renewal struggles of a capitalistic
society between individuals in societies, 
this struggle between The upper and lower class societies in Europe and
the global south.  The novel that best
coincides with the novel the White Tiger would be the heart of darkness by creating the moment of a failure of

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Globalization can be the start of economic wealth to create benefits for
certain economies by taking advantage of certain countries or natural
resources. This is shown throughout the novel the heart of darkness buy having a great background in the peak In
the colonization and  Imperialization of
the continent of Africa.  Heart of darkness is based in the
African Congo during this time.  Many of
the main characters in the heart of darkness talk about and illustrate the African
Congo slave trade and the cruel treatment of the slaves.  In the very beginning of heart of darkness,
the main character describes his first encounters with that being in a
camp.  This camp is more like a
Southerners take on a plantation, however, this is based in the African Congo
during the colonization of European powers into the African country.

            The novel the White Tiger, and the novel heart
of darkness both coming to the ironic play of globalization through the
conflict of individuals and society. The novel the heart of darkness such has
a.m. and struggle between powers throughout the book, an example of the
struggle of power would be and on organize the plan of power through the ranks
of man, which their superiors rank them. 
This society ranking caused many different conflicts of power throughout
the camp at this level of power was noticed from the people which the Europeans
enslaved to the highest ranked supervisor courts, the main character throughout
the book that has a struggle of power. This overall high superiority ranking
costs his peers to up look him and to view him somewhat Godlike.  This also could be discussed that this is an
example of the rich and poor divide and European Society. The rich and poor
dividers in between of the European society from the lot lower and upper-class
divisions.  Kurt’s being example of the
rich or a higher development person in the higher upper class in the example of
the lower economy people would be the African Congo slaves. This showed between
kurts and the overall envision he had for himself as such to be Godlike.
Comparing himself to the African Congo slaves who were viewed as a lesser than
nothing. As a place of globalization, the novel heart of darkness as the
overall background and promise of the story, 
the colonization of Africa overall expand European goods To the means of

             The novel, the White Tiger also pumps into
play to illustrate the twist of globalization and how it slowly crept in into
an overall conflict of individuals and society. The white tire shows the
impacts of globalization through the overall globalization of India, and how
globalization has affected them there is of India as a whole. The key part of
the book is when one of the characters notices that he is using many different
supplies and commodities that Americans use an example of this is American whiskey.
This shows that how America has slowly globalized India and has made some
leather goods more American to express the overall globalization of India into
a normal Americanization. The globalization shop front this book shows that how
first world countries have a major impact on third world countries such as
India. A simple book key part in his showing of globalization is overall an
Americanization of certain American goods such as Coca-Cola which can be shown
throughout the world it is and a product that the United States it is known
for. Globalization is also shown in the economic status of a country this is
shown by the main character in the White Tiger being from a poor economic
standpoint. Thanks to globalization and the novel white tiger as shown through
cultural, economic, and personal standpoint that is shown throughout the novel.

    The  Struggle between two different economic
classes such as The lower and higher economic class has been shown in the heart
of darkness and the White Tiger by
characters thinking that they’re more superior than their superiors or
Evolution of higher class. This is the case between the two main characters in
the white tiger and the heart of darkness
by the main character thinking that they’re more superior based on their peer’s
reviews making them think that there’re a higher vantage and economic class.
This is a struggle for power between the higher and lower economic classes
meaning that there always be someone that thinks as an individual and society
that a higher class overall is better. However, this is not the case in pure
economic standpoints of higher and lower classes the struggle for power and
Society as a whole. The struggles of classes are as shown in Europe and global
South between these two novels.  By a
global standpoint economic advantages can be measured by first world and Third
World countries,  but by a  more localized economic standpoint such as
Europe and the colonization of the African Congo which takes place in the heart
of darkness is a smaller effect turnover it has the same terms in a  larger perspective.

             Both of these great American novels the white
tiger in the heart of darkness creep
this moment of failure of the enlightenment idea.  In terms of Enlightenment thinkers and
alignment ideas is a revolution of a new way of thinking terms of benefit of
all people. This completely goes against what both of these novels were having
an ironic twist and conflict of which was globalization, and the conflict
between individuals and society’s perspective on a certain economic standpoint
whether that be higher or lower classes based on social hierarchy.  Both these almost give numerous examples why
this is not enlightenment ideas or based on the era of the alignment.  In the
heart of darkness for a key example is the overall resolution of the
African Congo slave trade and verses of the higher superior standpoint of the
overall Clash of social individuals and capitalistic societies. In the novel the White Tiger, this plays a key part
in globalization how the main character is getting involved and Americanization
of certain common goods which show overall United States impact in the country
of India.

            Although both the novels the White Tiger and the great novel heart of darkness play key role in
illustrating the twists of globalization and overall capitalistic idea between
individuals and overall capitalistic idea between individuals. simply that
society there is an forever clash between the lower class societies upper-class
societies whether being from a small economic standpoint or global economic
standpoint.  Between these different
illustrations of globalization and the forever dispute between certain classes
in an economic standpoint both of these novels failed to show true