Globe war on terror Essay

INTRODUCTIONStatement of the Problem            It is said that the global war on terror must push through in order for terrorism to be totally quashed. Therefore, the merits of this hypothesis must be analyzed and meaningful ideas concerning the ill effects of terrorism must be determined and formulated from this thesis.Purpose of the StudyThis thesis will be done so that the pertinent reasons for the global war on terror to push through can be established, including the essential elements that will make the global war on terror successful. Hopefully, great ideas like how the negative impacts of terrorism will be showed.

            This thesis also has the objective to improve the knowledge and understanding of people concerning terrorism and provide an excellent overview of the current dilemmas the world is facing because of the existence of terrorism.Significance of the StudyIf the pertinent reasons for the global war on terror to push through can be established, this thesis will become very advantageous to other nations that are being hounded by terrorism. Also, if the results of this thesis will be validated, this thesis will become very important in figuring out ways where people can contribute even in small ways regarding the defeat of terrorism.Research QuestionsParticularly this thesis will answer the following queries:1.

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      What pertinent reasons for the global war on terror to push through were established?2.      What particular options can be chosen by nations and countries in order to counter and fight terrorism?AssumptionsThe foundations of this thesis will be based on the following assumptions: (a) all the respondents will be using the proper processes as detailed in the rules for the particular methods being used, and (b) all respondents will give truthful answers to the queries of the thesis.LimitationsTime will be the most obvious limitation of this thesis, and this could result to the failure to attain the long-term goals.

Personal aspects of the respondents will not be tackled, and this could establish plenty of information that can be exploited within the thesis. As this thesis will use only a minute population of participants, the outputs may not be the opinions of the entire respondents.Conceptual FrameworkREVIEW OR RELATED LITERATUREPrior to the important investigation of the topic concerning the connection and topics that are related on the objectives of the thesis, it is important to provide a short but concise review concerning global war on terror. The global war on terror pertains to the initiative and actions being done by America under the supervision of its leader George W. Bush and other allied nations to fight and eliminate organizations that wreak havoc and sow terror, such as the al Qaeda group under the leadership of Osama bin Laden (Davis 2004). The objective of combating terrorism is rooted from the catastrophic events such as the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 as planned by Muslim groups which ended the lives of six innocent individuals.            The most devastating terrorist attack on America happened on September 11, 2001 when two private planes that contained bombs and innocent people purposefully banged into the World Trade Center that virtually destroyed the twin towers.

This terrorist action was just a component of a massive propaganda that hoped to steal private jets and utilize them as suicidal media to bang on important American establishments (Galgan 2004). Another stolen plane on the other hand also banged and almost collapsed the Pentagon. Other terrorist initiatives that caused devastating blows to countries include the bombing on Spain in 2004 and the 2005 bombing of the London light rail system.            In the World Trade Center bombing of 2001, the Al Qaeda group, a Muslim-based terrorist organization under the leadership of Osama Bin Laden did not hesitate to voice out their guilty pleas as the organization accountable for the terrorist activity. They claimed that this was only the beginning or the preview of the current disagreement concerning the US beliefs and perspectives. The Bush regime then issued a warning against the Taliban regime for them to make Osama and his assistants and co-leaders surrender to the American government so they could be given chances to prove their innocence. Unfortunately, the Taliban regime based in Afghanistan did not obey the wishes of the Bush administration. Because of this, the American forces and other allied squads like the United Kingdom had no choice but to forcefully conquer Afghanistan in an initiative called Operation Enduring Freedom.

The American forces immediately finished off the Afghan defenses but they wee not able to locate the primary heads of the Taliban regime as well as the Al-Qaeda leaders (Galgan 2004). Osama bin Laden and his troops hid well amidst the American search.            The Bush administration also relied in the idea that Saddam Hussein, the president of Iraq supported and aided al-Qaeda and that the country is involved in the production of weapons that can cause extreme hazards to mankind. The American and the UK forces forcefully conquered Iraq in a terrible bloodshed which led to the conviction of Hussein and his allies and making them pay for their injustices. Currently, the American and UK forces still haven’t fully evacuated Iraq because they are still searching for possible locations of deadly weapons and they are still rebuilding the governmental outline of the nation.            The global war on terror would mean quarrels that include multiple countries in a fight to totally quash the deadly effects of terrorism and the people behind it.

The global war on terror can be fought utilizing traditional troops and ordinary forces or it can be fought using old strategies which include bombing that are utilized to instill horror, terror and worry to individuals. In a global war on terror, terrorism is an excellent choice that can be utilized as a logical and helpful method to attain a particular goal. Terrorism pertains to the tactic of utilizing well-planned actions that can be deduced as types of extraordinary ways of waging war. Terrorist actions are normally sees as inhuman initiatives that kills innocent people showing the lack of value and respect for life (Bensahel 2003).

Terrorism can also symbolize actions which are not done or planned well and therefore hard to find reasons for their existence (Burke 2003).            In investigating and analyzing the global war on terror, it is easy to deduce that there is a connection between global war against terrorism and the civil disobedience that is rampant and occurring in lost of nations in the globe. Therefore, it is easy to identify that the global war on terror gives an accurate and logical outline that includes independent wars on terror in various areas of the world. This outline is critical due to the fact that the concept of global war on terror has the capability to identify military initiatives and operations as situations that are well-liked and induced by people who like to sow terror. The global war on terror gives capability and the valid explanation to regimes that handles civil wars. Thus, the global war on terror is a phenomenon and an outline where all initiatives and operations done by an organization combating in a civil war are classified and categorized altogether. The global war on terror gives immediate groups and branding names of initiatives that are named as terrorist acts due to the fact the organization is named as a terrorist.METHODOLOGY            This thesis will be done so that the pertinent reasons for the global war on terror to push through can be established.

In this thesis, the interview process of collecting information will be used, with a total of 8 experts on countering terrorism as participants.Methods of Research Utilized            For this thesis, the process of description was used. In this process, it was pertinent that the goals of the thesis would be achieved immediately and with little expenses.

It also implied the gathering of wild observations. Nevertheless, it became very difficult to waive the other practical and logical information where further critical data can be found. Therefore, this thesis utilized the process of description. The process of description uses various hypotheses in the investigation process.The main objective of using this process is to illustrate the origin of an event, as it happens at a certain period during the conducting of the thesis and to exploit the reasons why a specific situation happened.

The researcher chose to utilize this type of method because it was the wish of the researcher to gather primary information from the participants in order to have logical and practical evaluations and assertions for the thesis.In order to have logical results and be able to give sound assertions, this thesis used two major types of research: first-hand and second-hand.  First-hand information was gathered through conducting this thesis. Questionnaire survey and interviews were also done. Meanwhile, the second-hand information was gathered from past researches concerning global war on terror.

The Research Design            The research design “onion” was utilized in this thesis because the author believed it to be the perfect research design. In the onion research design, the process of investigation and doing the thesis can be compared to removing the outer skin of an onion—in order to arrive to the core topic and the manner to gather the important information that will be critical to determining the solutions to the research queries, critical issues have to be tackled first. With the mentioned research design, the author was able to establish a framework regarding the processes that can perfectly used for this thesis.

Saunders et al (2003) mentioned that even though it is not typical for people to primarily take into consideration the processes of doing the thesis through choosing which research methods are appropriate, for example, using a constructed questionnaire or doing focus group discussions, ideas on this query can be connected to the core of the ‘onion’ research design. That is, in order to arrive to the core topic and the manner to gather the important information that will be critical to determining the solutions to the research queries, critical issues have to be tackled first: the primary stage poses the query of the perspectives that the thesis will incorporate, the second stage talks about the topic of processes that the thesis will undergo in connection with the perspectives of the thesis, the third stage investigates the research methods that are available for the thesis, the fourth stage pertains to the duration that the author will have to take into consideration while doing the thesis, and the last stage is the information gathering processes to be utilized.Instruments utilizedA pre-constructed questionnaire, or the kind of questionnaire that is normally filled up by the participants (Saunders et al, 2003), had been made by the author to collect the necessary information. To even improve this thesis on global war on terror, the author made the pre-constructed questionnaire wherein the participants gave a rating to every question.            The reason for choosing the utilization of the questionnaire for the gathering o pertinent information was ecause of the critical value of the data being studied and gathered.  It is essential for the participants to be very frank and sincere in their answers. The utilization of the questionnaire enabled the author to examine the perspectives and opinions of the participants.

            The pre-constructed questionnaires also utilized open-ended queries to gather as many data that can be obtained regarding the thoughts of respondent regarding the global war on terror.  Interviews undertaken took about only 30 minutes to 60 minutes. The queries that were utilized during the interview process were formulated using the research queries for this thesis as the foundation; they have been evaluated, examined thoroughly by the thesis advisers.

The author also established an informal interview. In this case, the author persuaded the respondents to clear out opinions that cannot be easily understood and to give further explanations on vague thoughts. The author did not reveal his personal convictions and perspectives concerning the global war on terror to the respondents.Data Representation and Validity            To guarantee the validity of interview outputs, a series of tests were done, or similar tests to the exact batch of respondents on two separate times were done.

  This method gave emphasis to that fact that there can be no significant alterations in the variables being investigated between the two separate times.  Therefore, two examinations were also done: a pretest or the initial examination was initiated and a post-examination. The respondents were interrogated two times themselves. Aside from that, the suggested methodologies, outlined interview and pre-constructed questionnaire were done in excellent fashion.

  This portion illustrated preciseness and perfection in the discussions.Description of the Information utilized in the Thesis            This thesis also used second-hand information. Second-hand information involved unprocessed information and well-known research studies, including information that can be deduced by numbers and through quality.

Saunders et al (2003) stated that second-hand information can be classified into three primary categories: documentary information, information gathered through interviews, and those gathered from various literatures. Documentary second-hand information pertain to those often utilized in dissertations that also utilize fist-hand information gathering processes, even though such information can also be utilized by themselves or be integrated with other second-hand information. On the other hand, information gathered through interviews are those information gathered through the use of pre-constructed questionnaires that have already been investigated for their main usage; normally, such information pertain to companies, individuals or firms and can be accessed as merged information tables or as unprocessed information stored in computer files.Ethical Considerations            In respect with following the methodologies and in the spirit of uplifting the excellence of this thesis, the author did all initiatives to guarantee that ethics of conducting the research were completely obeyed.  All information gathered from the respondents was stored in a safe place.

The private details of the participants and their ratings were not discussed. The perfect analytic methods for the information were chosen through the aid of the statistical analysis, and all outputs wee discussed in the thesis.RESULTS AND DISCUSSIONA. Doing the Interview            In the process of doing the interviews, the author persuaded the respondents to clear out unclear opinions or to give more explanations on short answers. The author was very specific did not try, in any manner, to change the opinions of the respondents. In order to achieve this, the author did not reveal his personal perspectives and beliefs regarding the topic. In addition, the queries that were asked to the respondents were stated with clarity, so that the respondents can easily comprehend them, and they were stated with calmness. The author also did not ask any long queries, or those queries that were hard for the respondents to understand, due to the fact that Robson (2002) stated that by doing long interrogations, the chance to gather an answer for every element the author likes to investigate can be blown away.

The author also did not include lots of theories, as the author’s comprehension of such ideas and concepts may be different from the respondents. In addition, during the course of the discussion, the author was pushing to build confidence and gain the respect of the respondents through avoiding being so boring and by always paying attention to the answers of the respondents. Lastly, the author guaranteed that the interrogation process was not too long and did not eat up the schedule of the participants, because this could have started improper behaviour from the participants.B. Demographic Profile            A total of 8 participants were utilized for the collection of pertinent information of this thesis. The respondents were 8 experts of terrorism and people knowledgeable of the global war on terror. For the objective of collecting relevant and logical information, participants of 20 years old up to 60 years old were involved in the roster of participants.

Of the 8 respondents, the population was halved fairly in accordance to three major classifications. These classifications involve the participants’ sex, age and current occupation level.GenderMale4Female4Age20-35 years old236-40 years old241-50 years old251-60 years old2Employment StatusPermanent5Probation2Casual1            As viewed in the illustration, the participants were fairly halved based on the three major classifications as chosen by the author. This is for the objective of providing a fair balance in the number of the participants concerning the global war on terror. Because the thesis could not possibly obtain additional funding sources to employ a larger population, the fair balance of participants can symbolize the major sample classifications.

C. Interview Results1) In your opinion, what are pertinent reasons for the global war on terror to push through?A) “Terrorism involves the forceful establishment and abuse of fear in the hopes of instigating radical alterations in societies all over the world, so the global war on terror must push through.”According to the respondents, most terrorist actions include wrath or more significantly the emergence of catastrophe. These radical efforts are done by disorganized entities or persons that are, by those who are not members of any military organizations, institutions that observe peace and security, or other institutions in a particular nation.

The respondents believe that terrorists aim not only to induce hysteria and confusion to people all over the world but also to force people to lose their trust in the current systems of governance among nations. The respondents affirm that terrorism is crafted and done in order to attain mental impacts that victimize innocent people.B) “Terrorists aim to scare and therefore threaten a great number of innocent people, including races, ethnicities, religious organizations,, the nation itself and the government leaders and the entire globe as a whole.

For this reason, the global war on terror must push through.”The respondents believe that the terrorist organizations are normally composed of only small number of people with scarce ammunitions because of the lack of financial support. Because of this, they depend on unconventional, most of the time flashy, flamboyant and ruthless initiatives that display total wreckage in their hopes to gain the respect of the public. Through the existence of modern media that televises and records their acts of catastrophe, terrorists always search to gain the initiative,  the upper hand, and the supremacy that people perceive they do not have. The respondents affirm that because terrorism has remained and is still emerging, there is a strong possibility for it to stay as a problem for all countries for the next generations.C) “Terrorism provides a means by which the weak can confront much stronger opponents“.

Because of this, the respondents believe that terrorism possesses an undying appreciation to the poor and the hopeless, the defeated and the cowards, the failures and the ambitious. Aside from this, it is almost cheap to perform terrorist acts because it gives plenty of perceived advantages: the capacity to induce confusion and anxiety and bring tremendous pain in exchange of their weird needs and necessities. Terrorism, according to the respondents, is developing continuously to overpower policies and programs made by countries that are meant to quash it.

It is in this case that the respondents conclude that terrorism includes a continuous finding of fresh targets and searching for the weak spots of these target countries. This search also causes the emergence of the chance that terrorists may use extraordinary methods of terror, which include weapons based on poisonous chemicals and nuclear power. The respondents are confident that sooner or later terrorists will discover new mind-boggling terrorist strategies which make the use of the Internet and victimize more and more innocent people.D)  “Throughout the world, terrorism reinvents itself in new and more dangerous forms”.As previous terrorist organizations vanish, lots of new and fresher groups willing to replace are always abundant. However, in spite of this the respondents believe that while terrorism may be impossible to be totally defeated, its prevention involves consistent efforts to become aware.

Because of the personal origin of terrorism’s roots, the variance of its leaders, and the complicated nature of its basic elements give huge difficulties to people that are tasked to permanently end this problem. Stereotyping is a name or branding done to an individual or an organization that is very hard to erase. Making stereotypes transforms people and organizations to become terrorists. The respondents state the example of the various stereotyping given to Arabic and Islamic people as terrorists. Terrorism is the most logical cause for Islamic and Arabic people to become stereotyped.

2) What particular options can be chosen by nations and countries in order to counter and fight terrorism?A) “In order to fight and totally eliminate the problem of world terrorism, a credible and applicable global action must be established and must be applied all over the globe”.The respondents believe that in order to permanently fight and eradicate terrorism, there has to be the presence of complete coordination and commitment concerning the utilization of every nation’s power, labor and equipments. The respondents are in unison that plain and simple policies and programs to fight terrorism will not be sufficient and can be considered as a flop in defeating terrorism, because these simple plans and programs do not really target the root cause of terrorism.

This process pushes countries at a bad position and citizens will be in big trouble and danger since terrorists usually do the primary step that leads to them being collared by the authorities. To fight terrorism, the respondents believe that measures to prevent terrorism from even starting must be integrated in a bigger plan that would establish an unbeatable threat against the terrorist organizations. Financial restrictions, awareness initiatives, and other feasible plans must be integrated in a bold and unique plan that would identify nations that nourish terrorism.B) “Another positive manner to properly fight terrorism is through giving international help and monetary funding to nations who are frequent targets of terrorist groups”.According to the respondents, this process is important because in enhancing the way of life, with ample livelihood opportunities and the effective handling of labor of the nation, dilemmas in societies are prevented. Therefore, these countries cannot be target of terrorist groups. The fundamental needs and the financial status of the nation must be revitalized to prevent seeds of terrorism and weird philosophies to get planted, effectively quashing the chances that they will ever develop.

Monetary funding for the purpose of handling and disseminating information that teaches the value of life and God’s love can issue tremendous advantages to the communities. The respondents believe that terrorism and terrorist organizations cannot survive in a place where there is no pain, pressure and chaos.In providing international help and monetary funding, there has to be established procedures and policies that have to be obeyed. Primarily, countries and loaning organizations must decline to give help to potential countries that harbor terrorism. This situation is rooted from the tragedies of the Cold War where America patronized oligopoly and tyranny as an excuse for not cooperating with the then USSR. In the end, both the USSR and the USA took initiatives that abused the fundamental rights of the people that led them to harbor hatred and frustrations in their hearts and minds, which are the very seeds of terrorism.

            Another policy stated by the respondents that needs to be studied concerning the provision of monetary funding and international aid is that the accurate recording and transfer of the money must be closely observed and evaluated in order to prevent illegal activities within the country that receives the monetary funding from happening. Continued monetary funding to nations that do not accurately distribute the money would simply lead in tremendous conflicts transforming the citizens to become believers of wrong philosophies.C.

“Nations must aim for garnering political and economic strength that would need the value for dignity, obedience to policies, growth and developmental policies”.The respondents mentioned that organizations that provide monetary funding and nations should focus their attentions more in the fostering of coordination and teamwork between countries to speed up the transfer of information that can eliminate the seeds of terrorism. Overall strength can also be perceived as the method where misunderstandings, quarrels and bickering concerning racial topics can be easily resolved by utilizing peaceful methods such as discussions, meetings and other types of violence-free methods.

D) “Another feasible way that can help in fighting terrorism can begin through lengthy discussions to communities regarding the negative effects and of being a member of terrorist groups”.The respondents affirmed that meetings, conferences and the proper usage of media can serve as primary channels that can aid in this type of preventive measure. Meetings must emphasize the philosophy that chaos and catastrophe in terms of politics and perspectives can only result to confusion and greater quarrels that can lead in tremendous deaths and property losses. The media and the internet can be used to inform populations concerning the view that terrorism will slow down the progress of nations and has totally no significant benefits at all.SUMMARY and CONCLUSIONThe global war on terror that began in the early years of this millennium does give an outline concerning the comprehension of various misunderstandings that occur in various areas of the world.  The global war on terror gives the typical naming of all initiatives being accomplished in the process of the global war as causing fear and thus getting the attention of all people. In the end, the stability elements and the labor force of these nations that would aid in stopping and resolving the primary roots of terrorism will be exhausted. Since the hearing of the term global war on terror induces utmost lack of appreciation and the lack of concern for innocent people and the vast corruption of things, the quarreling connected with terrorism would transform the globe into monitoring these types of phenomena.

While the global war on terror is against terrorist organizations, not all conflicts and disputes can be characterized as conflict against terror since every organization has a primary goal which includes economic freedom and sustainability. The only major characteristic is that terrorist organizations and other troops resolving their conflicts through war utilizes procedures and processes that induces fairness and avoids harming of innocent lives.To completely eradicate terrorism and other unnecessary conflicts, the right actions need to be implemented. Narrowing the border between citizens and group of persons, teaching, training and focusing on the uselessness of utilizing terrorism to promote a particular ideology are some of the mechanism that can be utilized by all nations of the globe as an initiative to the emerging dangers of these dilemmas.REFERENCESCreswell, J.W. 1994 Research design. Qualitative and quantitative approaches.

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