Gloria Anzaldua Essay

There have been many important topics and discussions that we have talked about in this class covering many throughout the year. We’ve come across many writers, thinkers, and poets that have brilliant thoughts and ideas. However, Gloria Anzaldua has the best views and beliefs relating to discourse, labeling, consciousness of self, identity, and cross-cultural fertilization. Anzaldua addresses these issues best in her passage “Towards a New Consciousness” along with her book “Borderlands, LaFrontera: The New Mestiza”, discussing many of the important topics we’ve talked about in our class.

Anzaldua has done many great things for herself, sex, and most importantly her race. Anzaldua isn’t afraid of speaking out her mind and saying what is truthfully and morally right. Anzaldua’s work has benefitted many people dealing and facing the same issues she has dealt regardless of race and sex. Anzaldua’s work is important not only to myself but everyone else that is around me because it deals with current issues today. Anzaldua’s input and thoughts have propelled her to be one of the most important feminist writers in the 20th century.

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Anzaldua labels herself as a mestiza, a person who expresses multitudes of races, cultural, and ideaoligcal terms. In her writing she says, “As a Mestiza I have no country, my homeland cast me out; yet all countries are mine because I am every woman’s sister or potential lover”. [1] She decides to break out the norm and live the life she wants regardless of what others think of her. Anzaldua is dealing with a society in her time that is quick to criticize and scrutinize anyone that isn’t considered “normal”.

Anzaldua also being a feminist and a lesbian has gotten her separated and exiled in a way from her society, “As a lesbian I have no race, my own people disclaim me; but I am all races because there is the queer of me in all races”. 1 Even with this tough task she tries to give people in her culture the strength to stand out and be proud of who you are and what you represent. Anzaldua is trying her best to find and figure out where she belongs in her society but at the same time she’s separating herself from the rest. She is already on her own because of the choices she made and so she resorts to finding her own meaning in life.

This is best explained when she says, “I am cultureless because, as a feminist, I challenge the collective tured because I am participating in the creation of yet another culture, a new story to explain the world and our participation in it, a new value system with images and symbols that connect us to each other and to the planet”. 1 A Mestiza has native origin but also shares existing civilization blood and traditions. She is ambiguous and has no definite place she can call home. Like a wandering spirit she spends her time trying to figure out who she is and where she belongs.

She is trying to expand a new path towards the outlook of the world. Anzaldua tries to eradicate sexist domination and unite all peoples, creating a new culture that has an unbiased ideology. Parting all the negative social roles behind and linking ourselves to the world. She redefines herself and the surroundings she is in. She is intricate but focused in the route she wishes to head in. Gloria Anzaldua is woman with great knowledge and keen attitude towards many of the important themes we have discussed in our class. Anzaldua touches the basis of discourse in her writing in many ways.

She states that powerful colonial discourse generates boundaries that separate geographical as well as hypothetical liberty, inserting those considered as “others” on the boundaries. Chicana women are frequently on the boundary involving their American and Mexican tradition. [2] Anzaldua often times refers to herself as a mestiza which in sense similar to the term “chicano/a” which is used to described someone who grew up speaking English but have Mexican ancestry. In class we discussed the term and how it also takes on the name “half breeds”. Anzaldua is a Chicana American trying to fit in regardless of what other people label her.

She speaks out with her actions by accepting the terms and living out the meaning on its own. Anzaldua doesn’t let the labeling get her because it will stop her from figuring out who she really is. She is a very strong minded woman that doesn’t let words get to her. She’s a lesbian by choice and is proud of what she is and nobody can tell her otherwise. This also connects with the theme of consciousness of self because Anzaldua is saying that we should think highly of ourselves regardless of our choices. The way she carries herself exemplifies this because she is proud of who she really is.

She is a feminist, mestiza, chicana, and lesbian yet she brings the presence of someone who is fearless and courageous. 1 She doesn’t let others words dictate her living and the way she goes on with her day. Nothing can break inside of her mind and that’s what she tries to get across to her readers that you should be confident who you are and what you are. Gloria Anzaldua talks about identity being the most important aspect of life that you have. She claims that your identity is a cultural phenomenon and you that its very tough to figure your own self . It’s the most interesting aspect about you and you can spend your life trying to find your identity. Anzaldua spends her time trying to figure who she really is and where she has gone to find her true self.

1 Gloria Anzaldua is a product of cross-cultural fertilization being a mestiza or chicana she was raised speaking English but had Mexican descent. She states, “I am an act of kneading, of uniting, and joining that not only has produced both a creature of darkness and a creature of light, but also a creature that questions the definitions of light and dark and gives them new meanings”. She uses the comparison to an animal to emphasize that like a animal that is different and conventionally not acknowledged she too, has this intricacy that lets her to realize the light (right), the dark (wrong) sides of situations. I believe Gloria Anzaldua and her work is very important and I find it relevant in today’s culture for many reasons. Being in a society today where being lesbian and gay is frowned upon, I think that Anzaldua does a great job in trying to convince people to stand out and be your own person regardless of what others think of you.

There are many individuals that are ashamed that they are gay and often times keep it to themselves. Anzaldua and her works dealing with multiple cultures also would be very relevant in today’s culture. There are numerous number of people that are mixed with culture but don’t know how to deal with it. Often times, people don’t know what to call themselves and resort to live in one culture and disregarding the other. For the simple reason that they don’t like the culture they grew up with or the society doesn’t accept it.

In a society like ours we need a person like Anzaldua that doesn’t try to fight but rather try to unite everyone despite their race, gender, and sexual preference. Many people can learn a lot from Gloria Anzaldua if they took the time to read her writings. She is a woman of great knowledge that posses a positive outlook on life and what is thrown your way. Throughout the year we covered many topics in our class regarding Africa and Latin America. Along the way we also discovered many great writers, thinkers, and poets. However, Gloria Anzaldua distinguished herself as the most understandable writer relating the themes e discussed in class. Her work has assisted many people in the contemporary culture in her time and most likely will help many others after her time. Anzaldua’s work can be easily related to the themes we discussed such as discourse, labeling, consciousness of self, identity, and cross-cultural fertilization from her works, “Towards a New Consciousness”, and “Borderlands, LaFrontera: The New Mestiza”. Her work isn’t discounted for because I find it important in ways that it can be used for today’s society and culture. Gloria Anzaldua was an accomplished author, poet, and activist and is evident by the way she is praised and studied