Gluten may actually be doing more harm

has recently become a topic of discussion across the country as people attempt
to eat healthier.  Throughout my research, I came to realized that there
are many negatives associated with a gluten-free diet and that these negatives
appear to outweigh the benefits that some claim to have experienced.

 These so-called benefits include weight loss, higher energy levels,
increased happiness, and increased athletic performance.  While those that
report these benefits may believe that a gluten-free diet has actually helped
them, science disagrees.  With the significant cost increase in
gluten-free food, as well as the lack of key vitamins, grains, and minerals, it
is more likely a gluten-free diet will leave you poorer and less nourished than
a traditional diet.  Those that do implement a gluten-free diet in their
lives might see these positive changes that celebrities boast about, however,
this might actually be a result of the placebo effect taking place.  If
those on a gluten-free diet believe that the diet will help them, their mind
will convince itself that there is actually a positive impact.  With the
influence that those in positions of power or fame have on fads such as going
gluten-free, along with the lack of essential nutrients, increased cost for
food, and the placebo effect, those following the gluten-free diet may actually
be doing more harm than good.  With the
increasing prevalence of gluten-free products on the market, media discussion
of gluten-free diets, and the number of people adhering to this type of
lifestyle, many have begun to question the touted benefits of gluten-free
living for people who do not suffer from gluten intolerance.  Overall, I believe that the negatives of a gluten-free diet, for people
without Celiac disease, significantly outweigh the positives of this fad diet.

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