Go in peace to love and serve the lord Essay

The words “Go in peace” are not just nice words to nod our heads because we agree with. To literally “go in peace” is a big challenge. To go in peace is to stop wars As we reflect on what these words mean, we begin to realize just how transforming the Mass is supposed to be. We begin to see that, because of our baptism as Christians, we are called to be different We are called to be holy-?in the words of Pewter’s epistle, a people “set apart. ” We begin to realize that to “go in peace” means much more than to leave with a good feeling.

It means that we leave chi arch with the intention of making peace happen in our personal lives and in what happens around u not some remote or punishing God, nor is he some pantheistic deity who is hiding in the bushes somewhere. Jesus Christ became flesh, lived among us, died for our sins, rose from the dead, and opens the gates of heaven for all of us. In the creed, we proudly proclaim our faith in a triune God-?God who creates us, God who lived among us and redeems us, and God whom we experience in the depth of our being. This is the God we love and serve and take with us when we leave church. This is the God in whose name we are sent.

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