Goal success Essay

The course on human motivation has opened up my mind to the importance of determining what is of value to the person. Motivation is what drives a person to work towards attaining his/her goals. Studying motivation is not an easy thing to do; it is like viewing ourselves in a mirror and taking a closer look at our reasons, motives and needs to do what we have to do. I believe that this course has given me a better understanding of who I am and how I can better achieve my goals. When I have determined what my goals are, I am now able to work towards that goal and recognizing that I would persevere to reach that goal because it is important to me. If obstacles come into my way, I am more prepared to face that challenge because I am motivated at completing what I have started. In terms of my final project, I know that it is a bit complicated and difficult to do because it would entail a lot of resources but I would rather think that I would be able to complete this project because it is personally important to me. The final project will not be approached simply as a project but as a desire to be able to help young adults and teen-agers live more meaningful lives.

The project for addressing gang violence will be approached using human motivation theories specifically goal achievement theory and recognizing that people will only commit working towards a goal if it is of value to them. One way to determine the importance of the goal is to examine the person’s motives and reasons, if gang members had joined groups because they felt powerless, thus a program for behavioral change should be geared towards giving the person opportunities to feel that they have control and power over their lives and their future. I will be able to provide the best course of action to help my target group because I am able to assess the underlying reasons for being in the situation they are in and whether they have the motivation to become better persons. However, I am not going to prove that I am able to manipulate others through studying human motivation, instead I recognize that no matter how noble or important the goal is, if a person does not believe that they have the ability to reach it or that it is now important to them, then change will not be possible.

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I have chosen to do a project on gang violence because it is a reality that I have had come in contact with and I have seen how it has destroyed lives, I am also aware that at this moment very little effort has been directed towards giving former gang members the opportunity to live normal lives, they have to contend with the social stigma of being involved with gangs and violence, as well as being morally corrupted. The course on human motivation has given me a different perspective as to why people join gangs and why they leave it, it has also made me realize that gang violence exists because it is a way of exerting dominance and power over other groups of people which they would not be able to do so without resorting to violence. In fact, gang violence is no longer just a deviant behavior but a legitimate concern since it is able to change and corrupt the minds of its members because they exploit the needs and desires of their members. Gangs can effect change in their member’s behavior and moral compass, then would it be more worthwhile if we give people the opportunity to become better persons by helping them reach their goals and providing them with a legitimate way to do so.