Goals Essay

In the following paragraphs I will be discussing my career goals and the steps I have taken to ensure my success in the future.

I also will do a character profile of myself, which will include physical, emotional, and spiritual descriptions. First of all I would like to discuss my character profile so you may get to know me a little better. I am about five feet nine inches tall, I weight in at one hundred and twenty eight pounds.

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I am dark skinned just right to go alone with my short hair.I am a Roman Catholic by birth. I don t think that I am too emotional but when I m sad, angry, or happy I let it show. My goal in life is very simple, just like most people; it s to have a good job that will pay good money. At this current time I have been thinking of being a teacher.

I know that doing this is not easy. For now that s what interests me the most. And until I find something else I m better at and like doing I ll stick to this plan.So far what I have been doing to accomplish this goal is as follows. I have been taking more difficult courses to prepare me for college. And been paying more attention to the teaching methods that teachers use at school. I have had some experience in teaching a class as an assignment in another subject. I liked the experience and that is why I have made this decision.

I have been doing better in school since my decision of being a teacher. But there is still a lot more things to do so I could accomplish it.I will have to pass all my required classes to get a step closer to this goal and graduate high school. Then I will have to go to college and get my diploma. Then maybe in the future go to graduate school and be a college professor.

I have applied to many colleges and with my test scores and grades will most likely get accepted to most of them. With all of this in mind I am in the right path to accomplish my goal. As long as I stick to my plans I think I have a good chance to accomplish my goals.