God and World Essay

Since the world can only be created once, which way was it created? In “ The World on The Turtles back” and the Christian’s account in “Genesis,” they have differences such as how the world was created. They also have differences in humankind, and the authority of man over animals in the Beginning. Their similarities are also important just as much as the differences. Their similarities are that they believe essentially the same thing. In “Genesis” and “ The World on The Turtles back” differ in several ways.

As in “Genesis” says, there is one God who existed before anything was ever created. Then in “ The World on The Turtles back” states, that there are many gods who exist with almost everything already created. According to “Genesis,” in the beginning, everything is good nothing is evil, there are no crimes such as murder, and nothing has yet been created. In “ The World on The Turtles back” there is already evil as exhibited by the pregnant mother when she wants roots from “The Great Tree.

Even though that is breaking the law in order for there to be good, there has to be an equal amount of evil to create balance & harmony, where as in “Genesis” the world is already perfectly balanced with no evil. As in “ The World on The Turtles back” also shows the animals capable of sustaining themselves, with man and animals being completely independent of each other. In “Genesis,” man is placed in authority over animals and is even the one who gives the animals names.

The differences between “Genesis” and “ The World on The Turtles back” are more specific, where as the similarities are more general and broad.There is only few and general similarities between these two creation myths. The similarities show more about the story than the differences do. They both acknowledge deity, meaning they both believe in a supreme being or beings. In“ The World on The Turtles back” there is a great tree and in “Genesis,” there is the tree of knowledge of good and evil. These are both examples of a sacred tree. In both creation myths the woman corrupts man.

In “Genesis,” women is the first to eat the fruit, and then she gives it to her husband and tells him to eat it.In “ The World on The Turtles back” the woman’s pregnant and she keeps nagging to her husband until he goes to get the roots from the sacred tree, even though it’s against the law and customs to disturb or defile the tree. Overall, the base of the story is the same , the only difference being the small detail. In conclusion, these stories are very alike which can make us think about how this is possible when both stories came from different parts of the world where the authors had no contact.

For all one knows, something about these creation myths might be true after all?