God The Blible And Science Essay

There are many who believe that God and science are incompatible, but this is not so, William Lane Craig gives six examples in his article, ‘What is the Relationship between Science and Religion? ” Such as, “Religion furnishes the conceptual framework in which science can flourish” (Craig) in other words it was because of religion, Christianity that birthed science. Second, “Science can both falsify and verify claims of religion.

When religions make claims about the natural world, they intersect the domain Of science and are, in effect, making predictions which scientific investigation can either verify or falsify’ (Craig) Craig gives examples such as, the Greek and Indian religions that believed that the sky laid on Atlantis and that the earth rested on the back of a giant turtle, science disproved these; while science verifies that the Bible says that God created the earth and that nothing existed before then, John Barrow and Frank Tippler were able to discover that there was a creation out of nothing.

Also, “Science encounters metaphysical problems which religion can help to solve” (Craig) like why do things exist, and how does one now they love? Now, “Religion can help to adjudicate between scientific theories” (Craig) and an example Craig gave was of the Special Theory of Relativity, Einstein believed that there was no “now/’ in time, but that every moment existed at the same time, but H. A. Lorenz believed that there is an absolute “now”, but because of motion effecting the means of measuring one cannot be completely sure which events are happening right now.

The fifth reason is, “Religion can augment the explanatory power of science” (Craig) such as the beginning of life, is evolution right, but then why does it have so many holes? So then what about the God theory, even though there are stills so many questions about Him. Lastly is, “Science can establish a premise in an argument for a conclusion having religious significance” (Craig) anything that has a beginning in existence must have had a cause, the universe had a beginning so the universe had a cause, what was that cause?

For many the obvious answer here is God was the cause. Science’s purpose is to find the truth and gather knowledge. Science is a way to shed light and understanding on the unknown, it explains the unknown and creates new ways to live life. For example, electricity was harnessed and s a result the light bulb was created. Karl Pearson states, “The goal of science is clear- it is nothing short of the complete interpretation of the universe… The scientific method is the sole gateway to the whole region Of knowledge” (Clark 144).

Science is a way to know things, although it IS not without limitations, science is a world of facts but not all facts are scientific facts, and not all are dependable, for even though science’s purpose is to discover the truth, science is not a body of truths. Science has a difficult time knowing when to depend on a fact or truth because it has accuracy problems, as Clark dates here, “Thus it is seen that the falsity of science derives directly from its ideal of accuracy. The scientist wants mathematical accuracy; and when he cannot discover it, makes it.

Since he chooses his law from among an infinite number of equally possible laws, the probability that he has chosen the “true” law is one over infinity, that is, zero; or in plain English, the scientist has no chance of hitting upon the “real” laws of nature… The scientist’s world is perfectly mathematical, but the sense world is not. ” (Clark 149). Science wants to be perfectly mathematical even if it goes against logic, and as a result it can sis even the simplest truths.

These limitations and misinterpretations have led to false theories such as naturalism and evolution. Naturalism is just the opposite of the supernatural, with no God; humans are reduced to nothing more than manias like in evolution and complex Nero system machines like in naturalism. William Lane Craig sates that according to naturalism, “a human is just a Nero system… The internet is a Nero system So the internet is just a super human brain… There is nothing beyond nature, no god… Science alone is the source of knowledge and truth, and religion is evil … Naturalism fails as a roll view” (Craig) science cannot be proven scientifically for it is a self- defeating epistemology, it has no rational intuition and refuses the knowledge of theology. The same goes for evolution, saying that there is no God, humans are nothing but beast evolved from go, even though there is a lack of evidence, such as the “missing links” in the evolution process and the fact that it would be impossible for any creature to survive the process.

Also the complexity and detail of the universe could not have been chance, but the divine design of a creator. The Bible can fill in the holes that science alone cannot fill, for theology does to go against science but is compatible with it when in its correct form. The Bible is truth and knowledge, so it makes sense that it is also science, 1 Corinthians 15:41 ‘There is one glory of the sun, and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars; for star differs from star in glory’ (NASALS).

This verse talks of the universe and how no star is the same, there is also earth science, in Ecclesiastic 1:6 “Blowing toward the south, Then turning toward the north, The wind continues swirling along; And on its circular courses the wind returns” (NASALS) this verse shows that the air moves in circular paths. Genesis 1 “And God blessed them. And God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth” (ESP.).

In this verse God is talking to man, Adam and Eve, saying to them, multiply, take a wife, man, take a husband woman, and have children to populate the earth; and take care of the earth, for the word “dominion” does not mean to rule, but to care for, just like parents have dominion or authority over their children but they do not rule over their children, they nurture and protect them. Man is to protect and care for all the animals, plants, the waters, and air; to subdue the earth, to tame but not abuse it, that is disrespectful to God and man is only hurting himself.

For God gave the earth to man, and as stewards of His creation man needs to take responsibility for what God has given and use it wisely. Genesis 2: 5, 15 “When the bush of the field was yet in the land and no small plant of the field had yet sprung up-for the Lord God had not yet caused it to rain on the land, and there was no man to work the ground… The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it” (ESP.).

This verse is when God has finished creating the earth and now creates man, to care for the ground and animals, to grow plants and inhabit, man was needed for the plants to live, to till the ground, place them, water them and now protect them. Man was the last of God’s creations, God knew that something was missing the key to complete His work, to care for and tame the earth, so He put him in the garden, man was God’s crowning creation.

As God’s precious creation, He care for you, and has a plan for you, He does not Want you to be treating your life lightly, He loves you so much that in order to be tit you He died for you, and suffered, God bought you away from sin and Satan, so your life belongs to Him, if you are willing, because He will not force Himself onto anyone. But your life is not yours, this means that you do not even have the right to take our own life, let alone another’s life; euthanasia is unmoral and has no benefits, for death is not the end.

Another issue is that the legalizing of euthanasia could very possibly lead to abuse, as stated in Does Assisted Suicide Cause Abuses? By Lisa Chunk and Meghan A. O’Connell “Politicians and advocates argued on the issue of assisted suicide Thursday, intending that legalization either offers a dignifying comfort or leads to abuses”(O’Connell) morals decline and life becomes meaningless. Abortion is another result and Issue of this, the definition and value of life has been corrupted, people think they can decide when do die and that it is “k” to kill for population control to rid the world of unwanted humans.

That a child in the womb is not “alive” and so it is k to just dispose of these children. China uses abortion as a way of birth/population control, only allowed to have one child, preferably male, they kill the females, many times after birth by drowning them in the river. Many do not see the unborn child as alive but it is very much, as stated by p. Z. Myers on Abortion “A human being begins at conception, and ends at natural death. This is a scientific question with a scientific answer. There is no debate… Are some human beings not persons?

I note that this view the view that there are classes of human beings who are not persons in the sense that they do not have a right to life is the basis for the worst Of man’s inhumanity to man. The denial Of Persephone is the basis for slavery, aggressive total war, genocide, racism, anti-Semitism, among countless other manifestations of human depravity. The denial of Persephone to some human beings is the thread that runs through human evil” (Myers). The means of abortion are inhuman a painful death, and the experience has scared many mothers.

Another issue is that with the belittling of lifer man thinks that he is capable of creating life, not naturally, but artificially, with clones. As if man can do God’s job, let alone be God, cloning is unmoral as stated in The Coming public Conflict Over Human Cloning by, Wesley J Smith, “But opponents like myself?both on the political left and right?strongly believe that human cloning is intrinsically immoral, meaning hat no potential utilitarian benefit justifies developing the technology.

Why are we so opposed? Space doesn’t permit a full explanation, but here is a brief sampling: Because each attempt at human cloning requires a human egg, large scale research into perfecting the technology could lead to the exploitation of women, for example, by opening the door to the establishment of a commodity market in human eggs that could tempt poor women to put their health at risk” (Smith). Human life is sacred, and only God has the power and authority to create and decides when to end it.

By understanding what science is, and what theology is, that they can work together will bring wisdom when making choices, such as whether or not to believe Naturalism or Evolution, to be able to rest in peace and know that mankind was some mistake or machine or beast, but was purposefully created and designed by a loving God who gave them a purpose in life. Knowing that one has a purpose in life to know that there is someone who loves and cares for them; one can stop a suicide, to let that lonely and hurt person know that they are not alone.

Also this could change a lost mothers mind about having an abortion, if you were created with purpose and all have a soul, that the child is a separate living being, how could they just kill it, especially when the child’s life does not belong to you. To stop someone from euthanizing another, for your life is not yours alone, it is not yours to take, life belongs to God and when it is taken you are stealing from him, same as suicide, to put another down like a dog, or withhold medical help, is cruel, and the same as murder.

So to conclude, contrary to popular belief science and theology are compatible, if one just looks close enough, they will find that they are opposed to be one. The Bible has science in it, for science is studying God’s creation, to mar-veil at His design, to find the truth and knowledge, which is God, for God is truth; and when one understands more of the universe they can further understand God.