Going procedures including limb manipulation, as well

Going into healthcare and medicine has been one of my dreams
since I was a young child. During career days at school, I would eagerly await
the presentation by the parents of classmates that were into these professions
and I was always eager to ask them questions about their jobs and what their
challenges and triumphs were. So I spent considerable time in my cousin’s
clinic who is an occupational therapist during those days, observing her at
work, seeing her doing so which also attracted me the idea of helping people
with physical problems, although I had no thought about any specific speciality
during my early career days. However, in time physical therapy became the
logical focus of my attention as my ambition to work as a physical therapist is
the product of a number of factors, I have experienced for myself the immense
value of physical therapeutics treatment. Few years ago I suffered a serious
accident and spent a long time in hospital, where I benefited from an intensive
course of physiotherapy to rehabilitate me I experienced a variety of
procedures including limb manipulation, as well as hydrotherapy pool an
ultrasound treatment, and I learnt much about the way physiotherapy works and
also came to understand the impact healthcare teams can have on their patients.
Since then I have been committed to the idea of providing care and support for
those with debilitating conditions, particularly the elders and those who have
suffered stroke. I have memories of my grandfather disable with stroke and
benefited enormously from the physical therapy treatment which inspired me all
the more to work in a discipline which can make a real difference to people
lives. At the same time , as a keen sportsman I am very much aware of the types
of injury the body can undergo, and of the value of the non-invasive methods of
the physical therapies in healing trauma and giving people the chance to return
to normal life.


So I started pursuing my study goal when I took my majors in
biology in grade 12th which was one of the prerequisite for entering
physical therapy. After 12th grade I shifted to Gujarat as I got
admission in one of the renowned physical therapy college there. Since sports
and physical therapy have been the driving force for my aspiration for becoming
a renowned physical therapist. As a freshman in college my roommate underwent
elbow reconstruction surgery after she tore her ulnar collateral ligament. She
was devastated by the thought that she would never be able to return to
pitching. However this feeling was quickly replaced by me when I told her about
my accident and how physical therapy made me independent not only that Dr.
Mathew gave her hope and optimism as he her physical therapist and along with
that he was one of our faculty member in our college during the course, he
ensured her that he would work diligently as he could in order to get her back
on to the playing filed. His knowledge of her injury and confidence in what
therapeutic exercise and modalities would put her on the path of recovery
helped put her mind at ease, she was able to concentrate on the recovery
process. Without physical therapist to guide her through the rehabilitation
process she would not been able to recover from that injury. After seeing Dr.
Mathew’s magic on my friend I want to be able to instil the same feeling into
patients who feel like they are faced with the seemingly insurmountable.

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The more I learnt about physical therapy world through my
interest and by pursuing bachelors of physical therapy. The more I have
discovered my ignorance and my thirst for knowledge remains unquenched I feel
graduate study is the only way I can know my skills, expand my knowledge and
gain a new sight into the subjects I would love to learn ,scrutinise and solve
unexplored issues in the field of physical therapy. Of which one milestone
achieved was me going to Germany in September 2016 for a student exchange
program after my final year exams I learnt many things which differed a lot
from my home country which gave my approaches to overcome certain conditions
and how to work with difficult patients not only that at the end of the course
I had to appear for my exams and came out with flying colours.in the meanwhile
my results were out of the exams which I had appeared and then started to work
as an intern in Parul Seva Ashram Hospital which is affiliated to our college.
During my training it provided me with a great amount of clinical exposure to
observe, evaluate, serve set goals for patients and treat them in various
department of the hospital like cardiac and pulmonary, ICU, burns, orthopaedic,
Gynaecology and obstetrics, Neurology, electrotherapy psychology and paediatric
department of the hospital, which had in-patients as well as out-patients.
Along with training over a period of six months I completed my group
dissertation on “Effectiveness of Spencer Technique in Patients with Frozen
shoulder “.

After completing my training I started to work with a sports
rehabilitation clinic which was my one of my short goal to achieve and that to
with the most renowned physical therapist in Baroda. Where I dealt with more of
sports players and other elderly patients which was one of set goals when I
entered this stream , along with that I also worked with a badminton club where
I worked as a part time physical therapist with them. While working with these
two intuition I did some small courses like MATT( Myoficial Assessment
Technique Tool), Manual myoficial technique, positional release, muscle energy
technique, deep tissue friction, kinesiology taping and manipulation which were
all hands on courses and I believe that what magic ones hand can do that can’t
be compared with electrotherapy.

All my school and college life, academic performance is
outstanding I have consistently stood out in the school and college my academic
pursuits have not however, prevented me from participating in various
curricular activities at different level I have participated in dance
competitons,miming and sports. Which has made me won many prizes which has led
me to develop a multifaceted personality and have equipped me with strong
interpersonal skills.

As a current undergraduate with an intended major in
kinesiology, I have only begun to scratch the surface of understanding the
intricate biomechanics involved in movement of the human body. Through my study
of physical therapy I am to gin the knowledge I need to truly impact the life
of an individual like Dr. Mathew with therapeutic exercise, learning,
perfecting and teaching the current motor program for different movements has
always been a burning desire of mine. Over the last six months, I was able to
work as a physical therapy in a sports rehabilitation centre I learned valuable
cues that may allow therapist to effiecntly convey the movement patterns to the
patients who are unfamiliar with exercise and biomechanics. Pursuing the
graduate study of physical therapy will allow me to continue to fulfil my
desire while increasing the quality of life of individuals. Through my
observation experiences of in-patient and out-patient setting during my
training I was able to get a taste of how bid of an impact therapeutics
exercise can have on an individual’s quality of life. One day I was able to
work with a patient that was suffering from a stroke and many other health ailments.
Both of the patient’s legs had
atrophied to the point where he was unable bear weight. The physical therapist
and I were only able to perform passive range of motion exercises when we first
began therapy; however, through the perseverance of the therapist to keep the
patient motivated, we were able to have him able to bear weight for a total of
five minutes. While this may seem like an insignificant accomplishment to
others, the moment that we were able to share together is another professional goal
I strive to accomplish through the progressive study of physical therapy.

I do believe that graduate studies at your university will
help me in achieving my career objectives. I would love to be a part of your
university family. It is my desire to have a mutually beneficial associated
with your university so as to meet a common platform of excellence where I can
contribute my best. I am sure that you will find my application and
qualification suitable for admitting me at your university for graduate studies.