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Golding and Bradbury constructed their stories in a similar time period and were affected by the events of their time. Their stories may appear to be different, but they share many similarities. By using using conflict and character transformation, Golding and Bradbury create a suspenseful and interesting story. By using conflict the authors build tension and anticipation in the story.In Lord of the Flies,  Ralph is trying to build a signal fire to try to get home, but sometimes is ignored by Jack and the hunters. For example Raph and other characters had built a signal fire on top of the mountain to catch the attention of ships that are nearby, but Jack decided to disregard it and go hunt. Similarly, in DTWGE Bittering got the tragic news that the rockets in New York had been destroyed, and decided to take matter into his own hands. His goal was to build a rocket to get back to Earth, but he was angered after no one really payed attention to him or cared, “What are you doing you fools?  he thought.  Sitting here?  You heard the news– we’re stranded on this planet.  Well-move!  Aren’t you frightened?  Aren’t you afraid?  What are you going to do?” (28).  Concluding sentence? In Lord of the Flies and “Dark They Were and Golden-Eyed”, as the story progresses the main characters are modified in different ways. For example, in the beginning of the story Raph was acting tough, but later on when he was rescued he just let everything out (he began to sob) and showed his true feelings. On the other hand, Bittering’s wife started to realize multiple body changes that were going on, “You’re getting thinner, Harry. And taller” (17). After Harry hears this he does not believe her and just disregards it. By making sure the characters develop throughout the story Golding and Bradbury construct a well written story. In conclusion, both LOF and DTWGE were fascinating and compulsive stories  because of the authors use of clashes, and altering the characters throughout the story. While the stories might seem not related they hold many resemblances, that can been seen in the authors work.