Golfers Essay

Golfers!Here’s a NEW golf tips book that will help everyone from the everyday golfer to the occasional golfer!Have you found yourself frustrated while out on the course? Does it seem like you are always choosing the wrong club and forever losing golf balls? Do you rarely make par for any hole? Are the well meaning members of your foursome offering advice that just confuses you further? What is it about being on a golf course that turns everyone into a pro? Is golf getting to be more of a hassle than a fun activity? Are there some days you would rather do just about anything but golf?“Ultimate Tips To Improving Your Golf Game” will make golf fun by lowering your overall score and raising your overall confidence!You don’t have to suffer through a poor golf game! With “Ultimate Tips To Improving Your Golf Game” you can learn the secrets of having fun and excelling at golf, and it won’t cost you a dime! Yes, it’s true! Normally, a book like “Ultimate Tips To Improving Your Golf Game” would sell for $50.00 or more.

Take a look around at other golf websites. You’ll see that their books cost at least that much, if not more. You can get all the information those books have, and some that they don’t, and all you have to do is click “download”! There are no hidden costs, no catches, we are offering “Ultimate Tips To Improving Your Golf Game” absolutely free!Aren’t you tired of looking through every golf book and magazine out there just to find the best information? So were we! “Ultimate Tips To Improving Your Golf Game puts all the best information into ONE easy to read book!Why are we offering this informative book for free? Well, we are golfers ourselves. We know what it is like to try and fail at the game of golf. We also know that people like to make a lot of money off of what you don’t know! That’s not our goal. This book is free because more people should enjoy golfing without getting ripped off by ordering a fifty dollar book that tells you nothing new! By downloading “Ultimate Tips To Improving Your Golf Game,” you can be sure that you are going to learn new, fascinating, and helpful information that is going to make your golf game the envy of your friends.

You’re the one who’s going to be giving out the advice now!What are you going to learn in “Ultimate Tips To Improving Your Golf Game”?Well, here’s a little preview:Stick to the basics, and turn your game from awful to awesome!Would you believe that most people head out to the golf course with the idea that the whole game is about swinging a club at a ball? No wonder so many people fail at the game and leave their clubs to gather dust! “Ultimate Tips To Improving Your Golf Game” starts with the basics, and while you might think you know them, you’re very likely wrong!Do you know how to decide where to aim your putt?Do you know the secret to the perfect stance?Should you try to put at an angle?If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you need this book! The first chapter alone will set you straight on the three questions above, and goes on to answer at least ten more! That’s just the first chapter!Need a little convincing about how great this book is? Listen to people who have read it and used it!Ok, you may be thinking “I know all about putting. Why do I need another book about putting?”Putting is just scratching the surface in “Ultimate Tips To Improving Your Golf Game”! Let’s read a few testimonials from people who have taken the time to download this important book:“This book covers every aspect of golf. I have never gotten my hands on such a complete guide to the game before! Thanks a million!” – Ernie“I used to dread going out to play golf with business partners. I was always so embarrassed about my game, and frustrated by their attempts to help. After reading this book, I’m actually offering advice to them!” – Thomas“The advice given in “Ultimate Tips To Improving Your Golf Game” is great for everyone. Beginners can learn a lot, but there’s also plenty of information for those who have been playing for a while.

It’s the best I’ve read yet!” – AaronWhat else can you learn in “Ultimate Tips To Improving Your Golf Game”?You’ll learn our special approach to golfing. You’ll be shocked at how just a few little changes can make an enormous difference to your game.Correct Stance! Fifteen Tips! Stance is everything when golfing. Learn how to find your own, comfortable stance by using our great suggestions!Driving! Twenty Tips! You’ll be surprised how your game improves when you figure out the simple things, such as a proper grip.

So many people think they have a good grip, and they are so wrong! Find out why!Swinging! Ten Tips! How do you get that perfect swing? Try our tips, and you’ll soon find out!Going down the Fairway! Killer tips! Keep your game going! We have suggestions that will keep you swinging and under par!How to Avoid Bad Shots! Ten Tips! You certainly don’t want to spend a day on the links yelling “Fore!” constantly! We’ve got the tricks that make your shots work!Product Purchases! Lots of HOT tips!Would you believe there is a whole chapter devoted to learning what kind of golf equipment and gear to buy? You won’t find this information in just any book. Get practical advice on what you need, what you don’t, and how to figure it out from people who know golf!The Rules of the Game! Fifteen tips! How many clubs should you have in your bag? Should you mark your ball? Is there more than one way to play a golf game? Hmmm? Learn the answers to these questions, along with the COMPLETE rules of the game.Practice Drills! Lots of secrets to the game!What’s the best way to learn to play golf? Practice, practice, and more practice. Do you know how to practice, though? Practicing the wrong way will make your game worse instead of better!What club to use? Five Tips! Never have to ask for help in choosing a club again! We’ll show you how to pick the right one every time.How to hit the ball where YOU want it! Ten tips! Don’t be stuck hunting for a ball in the rough or trying to fish one out of a water hazard! We’ll tell you how to master some hard shots!Tips for playing in different weather conditions! Twelve great tips!Have you ever cancelled out on a game of golf because you didn’t know how to play on a wet course? Cancel no more! You’ll find twelve great tips to playing a wet course, tons of tips for playing a dry one, and you’ll be the best player of the day!Making your way out of traps! Five Tips!Even the best player lands in a sand trap or a bunker sometimes. No worries! We have five great tips on how to get out of tight situations, and how to come out on the good side of them.

You’ll even surprise yourself!Professional Help? View the Pros and Cons!Many people are convinced that they need to hire a golf pro for their game to improve. For your benefit, we give the pros and cons of hiring a pro. That way, you can make an informed, no pressure decision for yourself.Know Your Golf Courses! Fantastic information!Why do so many people go to a new golf course without doing any research about the conditions of that course? Its hard to find the information you need, or it was, but..

.we did all the research for you! Find out about course conditions in every state!Tips that are easy to learn, “secret” tips that you’ll find only here, what could be better? Oh, yeah! Its COMPLETELY and TOTALLY FREE!Can you believe all this information is for free? You’ll be missing out if you don’t take advantage of this great resource!  Remember, we could be charging as much as fifty dollars for this book, but today’s your lucky day! You found this website, and you’re going to learn for free! Don’t think that all the information in the book is listed in this ad. Not at all! You’ll be pleasantly surprised with what we haven’t mentioned! Think of it as a secret that you can only see by downloading “Ultimate Tips To Improving Your Golf Game”!This is solid information for every stage of golfing, put together by people at every stage of golfing.How was all this information put together? As mentioned before, we are golfers ourselves. We have suffered through bad games, and don’t ever want to do that again! We found that tips given by friends and family just didn’t work for us. In fact, they led to the game being a hassle instead of a fun time.

We had to learn what worked for us, not for someone else. It took a long time to find out just what worked for us, and we hope to save you some of the trouble. Remember, not everyone has been playing golf since the age of two like Tiger Woods! Of course he’s great, he’s had years of practice. If you are like most people, you haven’t, and neither had we. However, if you sit down and study “Ultimate Tips To Improving Your Golf Game”, and really put the tips to use, you will be the best golfer that you can be!Still not sure this book is for you? Read on, and see how its for everybody!Let’s look at a few more testimonials:“If you follow the advice in “Ultimate Tips To Improving Your Golf Game”, you really will improve it.

That’s not just a title, it’s the truth!” – Mark“I took up golf as a hobby after retirement. I was just about ready to hang up my clubs when I found myself miserable instead of having a good time. After downloading this book and following the tips, I can play with the best of them. Thanks for giving advice even a senior can use!” – Martin“A lot of women seem to think golf is a man’s game, but I wanted to give it a try. After reading “Ultimate Tips To Improving Your Golf Game”, I know what kind of clubs to use and what kind of stance is perfect for a female player. Thanks so much!” – WendyYou WILL become a better golfer by reading and using this book!Follow the tips in “Ultimate Tips To Improving Your Golf Game”, and you will become a better golfer! Just learning to practice correctly will make such a difference that you will be amazed! You’ll want to be on the golf course all the time, just to try out a new tip and see how well it works! And, it will work! You’ve read what people have to say about “Ultimate Tips To Improving Your Golf Game”. It worked for them, and it worked for us, so why not you? All the tips are easy to learn, easy to understand, and easy to implement. All it takes is a little time, and you’ll be the person people ask for advice!Learn everything you need to know for a great round of golf without having to spend a fortune on books and lessons that teach what you already know how to do!You’ll really be amazed at the amount of information in “Ultimate Tips To Improving Your Golf Game”.

What do you have to lose by downloading it? Nothing! What do you stand to gain by downloading it? A better understanding of the game, great skills, perfect etiquette, a healthy body, a fun hobby you can do for life, and the admiration of other players! You never know, you might even gain a little spending cash, like Tony:“I downloaded your e-book, just hoping to get a few tips to better my game. Did I ever! I would have never dreamed of entering any kind of golfing competition before, but after reading and practicing the great tips, I entered a local golfing tournament. Would you believe I won second place and $500? I’m going for first next time! Thanks for the great book!” – TonyWow! That could be you! Don’t wait any longer, download “Ultimate Tips To Improving Your Golf Game” today!