Good fashionable. Not being ourselves can be a

Good morning Ma’am and class. The app I have chosen to talk
about is Adobe Photoshop. It is an app that can transform pictures you may have
taken or downloaded from the internet. These pictures often make their way to
social media.

Social media is often a lie, it is another version of fake
news or at least it is not the full story. We all use and we often go over the
top to show a shiny reflection of our best lives

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Unfortunately some of us have stared do this in real life. We
go around faking smiles, friends and relationships. We all have our reasons for
doing it. It could be popularity for others it may be attention and everything
in between that. According to an online therapy service up to 34%
of teenagers lie and fake mental illness and 24% said they did it because it
was cool and fashionable.

Not being ourselves can be a very dangerous thing. It makes
it hard to form strong and healthy relationships, it can cause us to have toxic
relationships that can cause emotional damage and lead to real mental
illnesses. You will also develop a hatred for people around you because the
real you within doesn’t agree with what is happening around you and this can
make you a really bitter person. You can also develop social anxiety, this is
the fear of interacting with people because you think that you will be negatively
judged of evaluated by people. This will make you avoid people and end up
leading to loneliness.

We are guilty of faking it in some way, even I am. Let’s go
all the way back to grade 8 this was my first year at Curro Aurora. I knew
no-one and I had no friends so I would sit in class quietly and listen to what
people had to say and I developed a version of me that thought would fit in. I worked
from grade 8 through grade 9 and part of grade 10 but I started to feel like I didn’t
belong anymore again and I also didn’t like what my friends were doing. I decided
to take a step back and re-evaluate myself and I saw that I represented
everything I wanted to stand against. I started to go through change and
luckily for me I found a hobby I have a great passion for that as helped me and
gifted me two friends who are now steering me in the right direction to being
the real me.

I would like to share a quote by Alexandra Timmer.” Vincent
Van Gogh used to eat yellow paint because he thought it would get the happiness
inside of him. Many people thought that he was mad and stupid for doing this because
the paint was toxic, never mind that it was obvious that eating paint couldn’t possibly
have any direct correlation to one’s happiness. But I never that. Imagine being
so unhappy that even the maddest ideas could possibly work, like painting the
walls of your internal organs yellow then you are going to do it. It is really
no different than taking falling in love or taking drugs. There is a higher
chance that you will get heartbroken or overdosing but people still do it every
day because the is always that chance that it could get better. Everyone has their
yellow paint.

So I urge you to go find your yellow paint. I pray to God it
is not taking drugs. But it must be something that represents you and something
that makes you happy. Do this then you will be on right path.

So let’s stop this Photoshop nonsense and start living the
life we are supposed to live being who we are supposed to be.