I am here today to

Good morning. I am here today to convince
you all to oppose, stop, and disengage from the cruel and unnecessary animal
Did you know, we use make up to make ourselves look pretty, while these
products have poisoned thousands of animals?
And did you know, that the perfume and hair products we use, have blinded
thousands of animals?
And did you know, that even the toothpaste we use every day, has killed thousands
of innocent animals?

Now is the time to do something about this
cruelty. Animal testing is not only being researched to find cures for human diseases,
it is also an experimentation to provide safe products such as medicine and cosmetics.
Many animals have died in labs to give us a safe product. Many animals have been
killed and tortured to ensure our health.
Humans and animals share DNA, although not much. We are still built differently
and do not function the same at all. That’s why most experiments and testing
turns out to be ineffective and unnecessary.

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Many major human diseases, like heart disease,
cancer, HIV, or Parkinson’s disease, have never been found in animals. Animals
are induced with these diseases in laboratories, to find a cure for those
diseases. Cures may work on the animals, but these treatments rarely work in
humans, since humans and animals are not the same. Money, time, and more importantly,
animal lives are wasted and effective treatments are discarded while harmful
treatments are being tested on animals. (https://www.crueltyfreeinternational.org/why-we-do-it/arguments-against-animal-testing).

90% of drugs fail in
human trials, even though testing those drugs on animals proved to be
effective. The lowest success rate are drugs for cancer. Only 5% of the drugs
for cancer are approved after entering clinical trials. Heart drugs have only
7% success rate, and neurology drugs 8%. A drug used to treat arthritis, Vioxx,
was tested on monkeys and was approved and deemed to be safe for humans to use.
This drug has caused around 320.000 heart attacks and 140.000 deaths worldwide.