Good friends Essay

There are many things that people believe make a person a good friend. Of all the things that are good qualities for a friend to have, there are three that easily stand out above the rest. A good friend is someone who has integrity, is loving and kind, and reliable.

One of the most important things that good friend has is integrity. In other words, a good friend is honest with you even when it means that it may hurt you to hear the truth. One example of this is in dating. No guy or girl wants to hear that the person that they have been dating is cheating on them. It’s worse for them to hear it from a friend, because having someone that close to them “break the news’” puts them in a position where even if they don’t want to believe their friend, they have to at least acknowledge what was said by there friend. At the same time it is also said that the truth will set you free. In many cases, If a “friend” is willing to lie to a person just to keep them from being upset at them, then they do not really care about that person. There are situations where it is best not to tell all of the truth or to lie, but that’s only if the truth will bring physical harm to the person or the person will bring physical harm to themself. In all other cases, lying is not something that friends do to each other. A good friend will tell you what the truth is even if it meant that they would no longer be your friend.

Love is a key part of being a good friend. Love and emotions are what can easily make or break a relationship. For example, if there are two people who call eachother friends, and one loves the other but the same or similar love or kindness is not returned, then the friendship will fall apart. There are “friendships” that exist without true love or care for the other, but these are not good friendships. Love kindness and being honest are the main difference between, having a heart to heart connection with another, and having similar desires. If two people desire the same things for their life
but do not care about each other, they are not friends. Love and honest care for another is where a friendship is truly made.

The last thing, and definitely not the least important is realiability. If two people are truly friends as defined above, then they will be able to safely trust one another in difficult situations. An example of this could be that a two friends are in the cafeteria. One of them has lunch money and the other does not. Instead of eating in front of the one who has no money to buy food the one with money could lend to his less fortunate friend. It is important for friends to be able to do things like this because it requires sacrifice, and possibly trust. It requires sacrifice in the fact that the one who has is giving to the one who does not have. Initially there needs to be trust in the fact that the friend who will be receiving money truly needs it. After that trust is involved if the one who is giving wants to be repaid later. Then he must be able to safely trust that his friend will repay him the money. In all these things a friend is being and showing his or herself to be reliable.

In conclusion, all of the attributes mentioned above are desirable traits for a good friend. Friends should be honest at nearly all costs, loving and genuine with each other, and able to rely on one another for the things that need to be done. People who claim they are good friends but lack these qualities are liars. Without these a relationship is nothing more than two people who are acquaintances giving their connection a greater name that what it deserves.