Goodyear Essay


            Internet marketing has become the most popular methods of sales because its major advantage is featured at the location where many of the final decisions and actual purchases are made. Goodyear is a market leader proposing a wide number of products and services to its potential customers. Web-site and online sales have wider possibilities than traditional marketing.  Goodyear classifies its products according to vehicles types and road conditions. The main types of tires proposed by Goodyear are Car, SUV, Light Truck Tires, ATV tires, Trailer and RV Tires, Aviation Tires and Commercial Truck Tires. Goodyear creates a special proposition including Off the Road Tires, Racing Tires. Also, it proposes special offerings for government, automotive aftermarket, industrial buyers and rubber track products. The last category involves: industrial and hydraulic hose and fittings, automotive and commercial truck, conveyor belt, power transmission, home and garden, rubber track and original equipment parts” (

Goodyear identifies and understands the customer and his needs. A web page has become the most popular tool to reach the customer, because it’s major advantage in that it is featured at the location where many of the final decisions and actual purchases are made. Product reviews and quality characteristics persuade buyers that Goodyear proposes exceptional quality and products. A wide range of products and product lines persuades customers that Goodyear is a leader in manufacturing and new technology. For instance, “Goodyear is changing the ground rules with Off-The-Road tires made of the latest compounds and premium casing designs” ( Goodyear distinguishes and aggregates subgroups of consumers defined in terms of the primary determinant of their emotional experience. In this case, emotional experiences may be primarily determined by external, situational events. For instance, the site publishes press releases and product information which appeals to emotions of consumers and persuades them to buy Goodyear products. The role of the customer in this system shifts from passive recipient to active designer. That shift is just the most recent stage in the long-term evolution of the customer’s role in the economy. Goodyear customer is sophisticated and gained greater power over the buying process, they stopped being price takers (Thanasankit 2003).

Because a quality system must achieve the business goals established by the user, it stands to reason that system quality begins with complete, detailed, accurate spec­ifications documented in a form that users can understand. The website promotes products, informs and educates consumers about those products and services, persuades them to try new and improved one.  Quick links, global contacts and ‘Find a Dealer’ options help to maintain strong relations and deliver quality service to diverse customers’ groups. A good design of Goodyear website makes it possible to take the sales to another level, by providing an economical means by which Goodyear can deliver individualized products and services to each and every customer, based on feedback and interaction with customers. Relationship marketing strategies embrace this idea of treating each customer in an individualized way. The main problem is all customers want to get information and image of tires at once avoiding additional clicks to enlarge the image.

Goodyear demonstrates product features and design through visual images and detailed description of all parts and manufacturing processes, product features and their benefits: “best selling, value priced, wide base bias rock tire for use on scrapers in all operating conditions” ( Product description includes construction, dimensional data, inflation pressure and an engineering data book. For instance, the following information is listed for Off Road Tires: “Bias tire are reinforced with nylon cord. Unisteel radial tires are constructed with steel cord and steel belts” ( This site represents the distinction between suitability and acceptability. Suitability cannot always be easily specified; there may be a number of equally suitable candidates; the threshold of suitability may be low. In situations such as these, questions of acceptability – now concerning the individual, rather than the categorical – may once again become influential. And both suitability and acceptability of the site offer a basis for competitive position. There is no straightforward equivalence between the ascribed and the acceptable, or the acquired and the suitable. Acceptability is depended on factors such as marital or domestic situation, or attitudes to leisure time, which are unlikely to be a matter of ascription (Thanasankit 2003).

            Personal values are considered important behavior elements because they serve as determinants of attitudes and have manifested themselves in the formation of buying motives and brand attitudes. To improve customers’ loyalty, Goodyear encourages repeat purchases. It can be bonus programs proposed to customers. Customers buy products because they seek the benefits derived from them, not their inherent features. Internal factors obviously affect profitability, or the achievement of other types of objective, and should consequently have an equal influ­ence on the practice of marketing.

            Goodyear positions its tires using behavior segmentation and strong brand image. It is possible to say that Goodyear website becomes a part of consumer culture. The company position itself as a market leader in all main market segments and product categories. This enables further commercial opportunities for Goodyear and legitimizes the investment in website development and maintenance. Thus Goodyear has an appreciation of such areas as resource availability, cost gener­ation and organizational capability, as well as an in-depth knowledge of customer wants and purchase behavior. Using consumers’ behavior trends, Goodyear is able to meet the wants and needs of the market keeping authenticity and spirit of traditions.  Another feature, which is closely connected with this one, is that the better information that Goodyear has about a particular customer, the more value that firm will potentially be able to provide that customer. Using differentiation strategy and wide range of products, Goodyear maintains strong relations and brand image. Website awareness is spread rapidly, particularly among the customers; and the expansion of broadband access is inevitable.


1.      Thanasankit, T. (2003). E-Commerce and Cultural Values United States: Idea Group Inc.