Google Fiber Essay

This service could change the way people use internet and watch television drastically. It is only available in a small number of cities as of now; however the company is working on spreading at a steady pace. As of now the total number of cities that may have this service soon is 34. By the end of this year there will be another list of cities to receive this service. Other cable companies fear the rise of this service provider considerably.

When most people in this city think of cable and internet service, they think of only two options, Compact and Direct T. V. With Compact you get great service but for a high expense. Direct T. V. Offers decent service for a decent price, but in order to watch clear T M. The skies better be clear. Fiber would offer service that is far better than both of these options. It can do so thanks to the use of a bigger fiber optics tube in which the light has more space to travel faster. Faster lines and bigger tubing means clearer pictures.

Fiber offers three options of service, free internet, gigabit internet, or gigabit plus television. Free internet is almost a necessity for anyone now a days, from small children, to the elderly. Everyone uses the internet for a multitude of options from shopping to streaming movies, shows, or music. These actions usually take a little time and effort on your computers part. Imagine how smooth these streams and downloads would go with gigabit internet. It would allow these processes to complete in seconds instead of minutes or ours.

This would be a great improvement for the computer industry as well. Fiber’s web site has cool little gadgets on it to show the improvements. For instance, if you have Mbps internet connection Fiber can download one- hundred photos twenty times faster than your internet. The HAD on televisions would be better due to the bigger tubes they use. As well as your DVD being able to record much more than any other service providers, this is more UsefUl for my mother than me. Fiber also offers a “Fiber App” that will allow o to control your T.

V. Or internet from your phone, tablet, or computer. Fiber has started its takeover in Kansas City, Kansas and is slowly creeping its way along the map, almost like a spider crossing its web. As stated before 34 cities are likely to gain access to Google Fiber within a couple of years. Florida, unfortunately is not among the cities that were listed, however have faith that Fiber shall spread to these parts soon enough. If Fiber can cover the United States with service it would be a very uplifting site.

Free internet would make so many lives better. In my opinion Google is paving the way for the future of T. V. And internet service. They offer everything for everyone including an option of free internet. This is a game changer as I’ve stated many lives will change. Become more convenient and everything will be accessible much easier and faster. Cable companies should take note and join in before Google decides to leave them in the dust, all while playing a healthy dose of Freddy Mercury and Queen to make the companies feel like dirt.