Google No 3 Essay

Question 3 What are the key factors that define success in the industry? What are the key competencies, capabilities, and resources of successful search engine companies? Key Factor 1. A well- known and well-respected brand name Any firm in the search engine industry must have a well-established name in order to gain customers to visit their site. Google has created alliances with other large companies to create awareness of their companies such as AOL strategic alliances to help spark awareness. A company must also well-respect.

It is easier to keep a customer then to obtain a new one. Therefore, search engine sites must remain well respected by all user and potential users. Google has sustained their respect by never forgetting who made them into who they are today. They pride themselves on their sense of community and continually create value added services for their users. 2. Targeted users Service Google ads are particularly effective because they are highly targeted to what Internet users were immediately searching for. 3. Global presence

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Globalization is becoming a huge factor for virtually every industry. The online search engine industry is not different. Firms must take this into account and make sure that they are either expanding out to the global community or planning to the future. 4. Overall low cost Costs are better when they are low. If the firms in the online search industry can keep costs low they can continue to offer low fees for their sellers and buyers. This will ensure that customers will not leave their firm because of high costs.

Key success factors in Google 1. Growing use of internet Everyday more people are becoming users of the internet. Especially in Asia and Europe, the Internet is more accessible than ever before. This is a driving force for the online search engine industry because it creates new users and advertisers around the world. 2. Increasing globalization The online search engine industry is booming in United States. The success of this industry has made some of the largest competitor’s branch out into the global community.

Google has beun strategic alliances in order to dominate in the Global markets. Firstly, Google has created 112 international domains. Secondly, Google began to makes sites that tailored specifically to region. Lastly, in order to expand the availability of Google search, Google proposed strategic alliances with AOL to promote content featured on AOL in its search results. 3. Market Innovation Market innovation is used to flash interest in buyers to buy your product or use your service.

Firms in the online search industry are constantly looking for ways to market their services and make it the easiest to use. Moreover, Google is constantly adding new aspects to build customer loyalty. Market innovation will be a driving force in the future of the online search industry. Other than that, Google need to find ways to flash interest with their potential customers so they can begin to build a relationship and build loyalty of the customers towards their firm.