Gord Downie

With over six records, Gord Downie has made a remarkable impact on the music industry especially in Canada. Gord is famously known as the frontman of the “Canadian Local Band” the Tragically Hip who are the most beloved rock band across canada that started a sense of pride for many in this country and called something they own, not being american. Gord did not solely become famous with his music career but he is also well known as an environmentalist and a patriot who shows love towards Canada and the community. On May 24, 2016 was diagnosed of Glioblastomas which is a form of brain cancer but he refused for treatment and went with a farewell tour that impacted many people’s lives.Decades of music Born and raised in Kingston, Ontario where he spent most of his childhood life and the place he created the Hip along with Rob Baker, Davis Manning, John Fay and Gord sinclair in 1993. The band started from playing cover song in local bars, their popularity rose when Bruce Dickinson hear them play and was offered an album deal with MCA records. Gord’s music career truly impacted Canada as well as canadians life; it created nationalism when the people consider that a canadian band is famous. He considered the hip as a priority and collaborated with other musicians like Buck 65, and City of colours; He has not released a single solo album until 2001 when he started off his solo career. He was one of the most great performers in rock and roll, Gord won multiples music awards including Juno Awards for his secret path project. He also was appointed to be a member of Order of Canada for his contribution in Canadian music as well as the support for different organization that tackles issues of environmental causes. Canadians all know and heard how Gord’s music truly is a piece of art, Though his legacy left behind is not just about music but it is humanistic.Giving back to the community During his life, he contributed works and advocacies to give back to the community and that is why Gord Downie is being loved by many canadians. One of his works is the Gord The secret path,a book that conveys the story of Chanie Wenjack, a indigenous kid who was killed with his escape from aboriginal schools. Inspired by the first people in Canada, Gord wanted and believed the right for reconciliation for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. Out of his music career, he direct his time towards environmental issues. He is always commended by his artistic endeavor, and by his radical commitment to preserving natural resources and access for environmental justice. Supported and partnered with the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, an organization that fights for environmental justice in keeping lake ontario clean. Gord helped to jeopardize a cement company who pollutes the area, emphasized the significance of conserving and preserving Canada’s freshwater resources. Freshwater is locked up in ice and mostly located in lake ontario, Gord fought for Canada and truly gave back for the community.   Legacy that impacted Canada       Whole canada was struck when he passed on October 17, 2017 but his legacy that impacted canadians still lives on, looking on how he won the hearts of many canadians through his outstanding live performances, environmentalism, but mainly of his music. A legacy that nickelback cannot reach even though they outsold the hip about six times in sales. His music had brought joy all across canada during his long music career with the Hip and toured all over the country. Gord Downie is being remembered not only for his music but his advocacy toward supporting cancer awareness and reconciling with indigenous history. In December 2016,he was given a commendation by First Nation head chief Perry Bellegarde for his dedication to inform white Canadians about the infamous history of aboriginal residential schools and for reconciliation. Started the Downie Wenjack fund, his charity that wanted to do something about the dark history of Canada. His support with cancer awareness became more enhanced with his diagnosis of cancer and put more concern that it created a huge impact on funding and research. It resulted massive fundraising growth that lead to advancements of cure and research. Even through his personal battles and struggles, Gord Downie never fail to helps others.          Looking down on his life, it is uncanny that Gord is considered as a influential icon in the canadian. Not only belong to the greatest musician ever lived but also contributed to the community. Beyond his charismatic personality as a frontman, Gord touched millions of people in Canada in his gestures to give back community. His passion to go out of his way to help canadians and leading to solidarity to bring people closer in. Believed that the new generations can change the history of Canada in another 150 years. His works still lives on today invested through his love, compassion, hope, and forever will be remembered as a canadian legend.