Gossip Girl Essay

Gossip Girl            Gossip Girl is a weekly primetime teenage drama television series at CW. This TV series is based on a novel written by Cecily von Ziegesar. Since its debut on television, Gossip Girl had captured the interest and attention of many teenagers in the US and even the whole world. The storyline of the TV series focuses on the privileged life of a few students who attend a private school in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. More so, this posh area of New York is the backdrop for all the intriguing and captivating activities of the main characters.

At first, it may seem that Gossip Girl is another TV program that exploits the different issues of teenagers. But this particular program is quite different from other teenage drama series such Beverly Hills 90210 and MTV’s The Hills. The show has a unique point of view of telling the intricate and controversial stories of the main characters.

The show incorporated the power of the blog to inform and influence people. There is an unidentified blogger named aptly Gossip Girl who always dishes out the all the darkest secrets of the elites. The blog plays a major role because this becomes the basis of the actions of the main characters.

For the viewers, Gossip Girl’s blog leave them wanting for more juicy news or gossips and at the same time wonders of the real identity of Gossip Girl. This method is effective in luring the audience to regularly watch the show. Also, the use of many contemporary elements such as fashion, music and technology had captured the interest and attention of its target audience that helped in increasing the show’s ratings.

            Among the 7 main characters, Blair Waldorff, Serena Vanderwoodsen, and Nate Archibald embody the sensationalism and chic style of the show. These three characters all appeal to the common interests and various cliques of the youth. Blair represents the spoiled and rich who can get whatever they want at any cost. She is the “queen bee” in the group who has the ability to boss around her friends to meet her own objectives. She wears preppy clothes and expensive handbags to match up her high stature in the society. In any group, there is always a “Blair” who instructs the other members to do what they are supposed to do in a specific social setting.

Meanwhile, Serena symbolizes the attractive and rebellious teenager who has a lively personality but not totally happy with her life. It could be surmised that Serena is an all-American girl but with a twist. Her beauty and confidence is countered by her lack of genuine happiness for her family and her love life. Typically, Serena is stereotyped as the hot blonde with the perfect body who wears the latest in fashion. In the real world, there are many teenagers who may look good on the outside but feel empty in the inside.

On the other hand, Nate is the womanizer in the group who resolves his issues with his family and friends by engaging in sexual relationships. His sleek hair, muscular body and smart-casual outfits gives Nate a boy next door look with an exuding sex appeal. In reality, many have used sex as a way to feel loved by other people. For Nate, he was exposed early to many adult problems such as bankruptcy and absence of a parent. Gossip girl was able to make the scenes as real as possible through trendy wardrobes, techno-savvy gadgets and contemporary urban slang language.

            In terms of advertisements during airing, most of the products endorsed were apparel, food and automotive brands. These products all appeal to the target market of Gossip Girl which is an indirect way of selling the lifestyle shown at the show. More so, it is common notion that when people like a certain concept, they would most likely copy it. In the media world, companies find shows that can easily sell their products and Gossip Girl is one of the hottest shows in the US which means many potential revenues for the advertisers.

Aside from consumer products, there are also PSAs about teenage pregnancy and the importance of voting. Through, this the youth are reminded to be responsible about their actions and make them realize that these TV shows are not meant to be imitated but to learn from in order to prevent future mistakes.